Develop Career and Workplace Skills

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Career and Employability Skills Workshops

Preparing you for the Future of Work

CAO offers a full suite of career and employability skills workshops, designed to encourage in-depth participatory learning and equip students to be career-savvy for the Future of Work.

Acquire and develop in-demand skills in the following three domains:

Jumpstart your career preparation and gain essential skills to navigate the hiring process. 

  1. Ace Case Interviews
  2. Create your Brand YOU
  3. Essentials of Aptitude Tests
  4. Level Up your Networking Skills
  5. Succeed at Digital and Face-to-Face Interviews
  6. Optimise Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Learn essential digital skills to enhance your employability and succeed in today’s workplace.  

  1. Create Dynamic Dashboards with MS Excel
  2. Data Storytelling - Fundamentals with Tableau
  3. Data Visualisations with Power BI
  4. Introduction to MS Excel VBA
  5. Python Fundamentals for Data Analytics 

Accelerate your workplace readiness by equipping yourself with interpersonal and cognitive skills to effectively navigate complexity and day-to-day tasks at work.

  1. Cultivate Professional Etiquette
  2. Problem Solving with Critical Thinking
  3. Sparking Innovation & Generating Ideas
  4. Speak with Clarity and Impact
  5. Workplace Communication for Better Collaboration

The Insider Series

Preparing the Workforce of Tomorrow

To help students stay current and relevant to industries, The Insider Series uses a workshop-based approach and places focus on collaborations with companies and industry practitioners to bring the ‘workplace’ into the ‘classroom’. With a new focus on Data, Digital and Tech in-demand skills, this authentic learning experience with ‘insider’ case studies, workplace practices and sharing of personal experiences by industry experts provides you with real and deeper insights into different future-ready skills and how they are applied at the workplace. Topics include Technical Interviews, Creating a Chrome Extension, Python Scripting, Digital Marketing, etc.

Hear what our students have to say about their experience in previous sessions of The Insider Series.

I've gained insights that have made me more driven to join data analytics in the healthcare sector.
Onn Hui Xuan, Year 4, Math | Attended The Insider Series: Data & Machine Learning in Healthcare by Zuellig Pharma

The workshop has increased my understanding of how to go about technical interviews. It has also revealed to me where and what I need to improve on professionally to navigate a technical interview successfully.
Catherine Wong, Year 4, Math | Attended The Insider Series: The Anatomy of a Technical Interview by DXC Luxoft

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Sustainability and Technology challenges are impacting more and more companies. To prepare you for this future of work and to provide you an authentic opportunity to problem solve these challenges with leading companies, join the NTU PEAK Leadership Programme.

Over 4 weeks only, NTU PEAK enables you to collaborate with like-minded students from other Colleges. Each team, mentored by industry leaders, will critically think and problem solve for sustainability and/or technological solutions with illustrious companies such as Deloitte, Grab, Land Transport Authority, Schneider Electric, UOB, Uniqlo! Gain knowledge to energy efficiency, circular economy, food sustainability, decarbonisation etc and sharpen your leadership, critical thinking, creativity, and influencing skills while solving these authentic business challenges.