Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Standard Account for PO and Invoicing?

Standard Account (SA) allows free access to Ariba Network to process orders (PO) and invoices via email, regardless of number of POs and invoices or spent. However, SA only has limited functionalities.

2.  What are the functionalities of Standard Account? 

Using Standard Account (SA), you will be able to view the last 200 transactions (PO and Invoices) with NTU at Ariba Network. At the Ariba homepage (after login), you may trigger the PO to your email to process the order and later perform PO-Flip[1] to generate an e-invoice to your buyer.  It supports submission of basic documents through Ariba network such as Order Confirmation (OC), Advance Ship notice (ASN) and Invoice.

[1] PO-Flip is a simple process enabled by Ariba Network that allows a supplier to easily convert a Purchase Order into an Invoice, and transmit that Invoice to the customer that placed the Purchase Order

3. If the Standard Account only shows the last 200 transactions, where can I find my transactions if there are more than 200?

You can find all your past transactions in your email account. Otherwise, you may contact your buyer for the PO.

4. How can I register for a free Ariba Standard Account?

There are 3 ways of registering for a free Ariba account:
  1. Walk in registration at
  2. Upon receiving of First Standard Account PO from NTU via the interactive email and/or
  3. Upon receiving of Sourcing invitation from NTU via the interactive email

5. What should I do when I receive the first Standard Account PO or sourcing invite from NTU?

When you receive the first Standard Account PO or sourcing invite from NTU via email, click the ‘Process Order’ link in the email. This will take you to the Ariba Network login page.

For new users
  • Click Register Now on the welcome page.
  • Register for an Ariba account to connect with NTU to process PO and Invoices
For existing Ariba Network (Standard Account or Enterprise Account) who have processed PO from NTU
  • Click Log in on the welcome page
  • Log in with your existing account
For existing Ariba Network Enterprise Account who has not processed any PO with NTU. 
If you want to use the same account to transact with NTU:
  • When you receive the Standard Account PO, log in with the same username and password (charges may apply)
If you want to create a new free standard account to transact with NTU:
  • When you receive the Standard Account PO, Sign up as a new account.


6. How many users/accounts can we register for our company?

There should only be 1 main user account used for each company to transact with NTU. However, you may create multiple sub user IDs under the main user account. 

7. Can I have both Enterprise Account and Standard Account to transact with NTU?

No, you can only have either Enterprise Account or Standard Account to transact with NTU. NTU will only linked 1 Ariba account per entity.

8. Can I start with Standard Account and upgrade later?

Yes, you can.  To know more about Enterprise Account functionalities and fees, click “Learn More” button next to “Upgrade to From Standard Account” in your homepage.

Note: You can upgrade to Enterprise Account only after signing up/logging in when receiving the Standard Account PO from NTU. 

9. I have an Ariba Network account, please register me to establish trading relationship with NTU.

The Trading relationship with NTU is established upon the processing of the 
1.  First Standard account PO via interactive email from NTU or
2.  First invitation to participate in sourcing event via interactive email from NTU

Where the Supplier will be prompted to either login or create new Ariba account.

Existing Enterprise Account supplier on Ariba Network will have the option to:
  • Use the same user ID to log in and establish the trading relationship with NTU. However, charges may apply; or
  • Register for a Standard Account to connect with NTU when receive first Standard Account PO via email. All transactions are free on this account. Please note that if supplier is registering for a new Standard Account, he/she may use the same email account but must use a different user ID (must be in an email format but does not need to be a real email account).

 We encourage suppliers to register for a free Ariba Network Standard Account, if unsure on the above option.

10. The first Standard Account PO (“SA PO”) was sent to the wrong email address. What should I do?

If trading relationship is established:
a) Update PO email address through 

b) Log in to your registered Standard Account to change the order routing information. After changing, you may proceed to invoice us.

If trading relationship has not been established:
a) Forward the Standard Account PO to the right recipient for PO processing.
b) Register for a free Ariba Network Standard Account. 
c) Update PO email address through 
d) Process the Standard Account PO.

e) Log in to your registered Standard Account to perform PO flip after goods and services have been delivered and receipted by NTU.

In addition, you or your administrator can manage the following settings on your Standard Account:
a) Add up to 5 email addresses to receive PO through electronic order routing setting. You can also remove the              incorrect PO email address here to ensure the recipient do not receive future PO’s.
b) Add up to 250 users and manage their roles through User Creation setting. These roles should correspond to the      user’s actual job responsibilities e.g., Finance, Sales etc.

11. Who do I look for if I have questions?

Enterprise and Standard Accounts are managed by Ariba.  If there are further questions on the functionalities, technical support, fees etc.  Please refer to the support section of FAQ.
However, if you have business related questions please contact 

12. I’ve created a Standard Account, but I cannot see any PO from NTU.

By creating or having an Ariba Network account doesn’t mean that the supplier has established an Trading relationship with NTU within the Ariba Network. 

The Trading relationship is established upon the processing of the 
1.  First Standard account PO via interactive email from NTU or
2.  First invitation to participate in sourcing event via interactive email from NTU
Where the Supplier will be prompted to either login or create new Ariba account.

After the trading relationship is established, you may then proceed to process orders with NTU by clicking the blue [Process Order] button found in the interactive PO email from NTU.

13. How can I process orders and submit invoices using Standard Account?

Once Log in details are created for a Standard account with NTU, Standard Account suppliers must refer to the Standard Account PO/Invoice status in their Email every time they will process order and invoices.

It is therefore good practice for suppliers to keep their documents into folders for easy future access as needs arises.

14. Do we still need to send physical DO to NTU?

Supplier will need to provide a copy of the DO to the goods receipt officer during delivery.

15. Can I issue invoice to NTU before goods receipt has been performed?

No. PO needs to be in “Received” or “Partial Received” status for suppliers to be allowed to submit an online invoice.

16. Can the system handle partial delivery/invoicing?

Yes, the system can handle goods receipting and invoice processing for partial deliveries.

17. What if I receive PO order not by Ariba system. Should I process the order? (this is spam)

Do not process the order if you are unsure about the authenticity. You may write to if you are unsure about the order

18. Why suppliers are strongly encouraged to perform PO Flip invoicing in Ariba?

PO-Flip is a simple process enabled by Ariba Network that allows a supplier to easily convert a Purchase Order into an Invoice, and transmit that Invoice to the customer that placed the Purchase Order.  This will remove the needs to process manual invoicing on both sides and thereby faster turnaround for payment.

19. Can I attach my own invoices for record purposes in Ariba?

Suppliers may attach their own invoices when issuing e-invoices in Ariba system, they should not send hardcopy invoices if e-invoices have been successfully submitted in Ariba system.  E-invoices will take precedence over the attached invoices that vendor has manually attached. E-invoices will be used as the source of truth for payment.

20. Do I still need to send the physical invoice to NTU after flipping the invoice on Ariba P2P?

No. Suppliers do not have to send any physical invoice to NTU.

21. I have delivered my goods and I wish to issue invoice, but the invoice button is greyed out, why?

The system allows invoicing after Goods Receipt is completed. However, supplier may choose to be notified of each GR instead of tracking with the buyer.  

You may follow below steps to turn on notification for goods receipt in your Ariba account.
a) Login to Supplier Ariba portal as administrator
b) At the right-hand side of the top task bar, click on the circle logo with your initial in it.
c) A dropdown will be appeared. Select [company settings] and choose [notifications]
d) You will see the account settings page and choose [Network] tab
e) Scroll until you see [Receipt] and you may check the box and type the desired notification email address.
Note: You may input up to 3 email addresses, each email address should be separated by a comma.

22. What is the official Billing address for NTU?

Nanyang Technological University
NTU Shared Services Finance
42 Nanyang Avenue, #05-01
Singapore 639815
Nanyang Technological University 
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Block S4, Level B3, 
50 Nanyang Avenue, 
Singapore 639798
Nanyang Technology University
Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Finance Department
11 Mandalay Road
Singapore 308232
Nanyang Technological University
Earth Observatory Of Singapore
50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798 
National Institute of Education
Finance Department
Level 2 Admin Building
1 Nanyang Walk
Singapore 637616

23. What if I hit errors with Ariba invoicing?

If the suppliers are unable to generate e-invoices in the Ariba platform, suppliers are required to email the errors to 

24. How do I submit non-PO/Contract invoices?

For Contract invoicing, you may submit the invoice via Ariba network. 
For non-PO, supplier is required to send the pdf softcopy of invoices to citing the appropriate details:
o “Bill to” Name must be spelt in full as “Nanyang Technological University”
o Contract ID
o Supplier ID            
o RC#/Claim#

Soft copy invoices in PDF format is acceptable if the clause “This is a computer-generated document.  No Signature is required” is indicated on the invoice or invoices are not affixed with supplier’s company stamp and authorized signatures.

All invoices must also contain the following mandatory information: 
o “Bill to” Name must be spelt in full as “Nanyang Technological University”
o Name of College / School / Department / Centre    
o Requester Name                     
o Requester’s email address or contact number    
o Purchase Order / Contract Number (if applicable)

If suppliers fail to comply, invoices will be rejected by NSS Finance.

25. How do I know if NTU has received the manual invoice?

NTU no longer accepts hardcopy invoice as NTU Shared Services Reception has closed with effective 26 Oct 2020 and therefore there will not be any receiving of invoices at the counter. Furthermore, hardcopy invoices can get lost in transit to NTU premises.

Email PDF copy invoices to citing the appropriate details:

  1. PO number
  2. Requester name
  3. School / Department / Centre

26. Whom can I contact for supplier’s payment enquiries?

Please write in to NSS Finance AP - with the following information provided to facilitate payment status check: 
o Vendor name  
o Invoice number and date 
o PO and Good Receipt number (if applicable) 
o Invoice scan copy (if any)

27. How do I know if NTU had important information or announcement to the suppliers?

Sourcing To Contract

Participating in a Sourcing event

28 Where do I find future business opportunities with NTU?

For business opportunities, kindly access NTU Supplier Portal. 

29. How can I coordinate catalog maintenance with NTU?

Suppliers with Ariba Network Enterprise Account (with fees) can manage their own catalog with NTU. If they do not have a enterprise account, suppliers can contact the buyer at to manage the catalog.

30. Is there a maximum file size my attachment can be?


31. Will there be an award notification sent to the suppliers?

Yes, there will be an award notification sent by the system to the awarded suppliers.

32. How do I know if my bid has been submitted successfully?

When the bid has been submitted, a green notification will appeared.


33. Can I submit the bid in the last few minutes/hours before the event close?

Yes. You may submit your bid in Ariba, as long as the event has not closed.

34. I have submitted my bid in Ariba but there is no record. What should I do?

Please ensure that the green notification appeared after you have submitted your bid. Else you may return to the bids submissions page and if you manage to see the "Revise Response" button, it means that you have submitted the bid.

Post Sourcing Event

35. How do I access closed Sourcing events after logging in to the Ariba Supplier Network?

You can click on the “Proposals” tab at the top left hand corner. But you will not be able to post any responses.​

36. Is it possible to edit your response after it has been submitted?

Yes, it is possible to edit your response after it has been submitted if the sourcing event has not been closed yet.

37. After submitting the response for the sourcing event, will there be a notification to say that I have successfully submitted the response?

Yes, there will be a green notification at the top of the screen to tell you that your response has been submitted. There will no email notification to confirm this, just the notification on top the screen.

38. Will I be notified once the tender has been closed/awarded?

Yes, all participated suppliers will be notified.

39. Is there a limit to how many tenders I can bid on simultaneously?

No, there is no limit to how many tenders you participate in

40. In an ‘Open Tender’, on what platform do I submit my bid?

For an ‘Open Tender’ you will register your expression of interest to participate in the tender on Ariba Discovery by clicking on ‘Respond to Posting’. However, the actual submission of the bid will take place in your individual Ariba Supplier Portal.

41. Is it possible to withdraw my bid post sourcing event?

No, once the event is closed (not accepting anymore bids) your bid cannot be modified or withdrawn.



Technical (Ariba Customer Support)

For issues with regards to ARIBA system, please approach Ariba Customer Support.
• Portal related technical issues (eg. website down)
• Password reset
• Upgrade to Full Account

For phone support you may follow below steps:
a) Click
b) Click top right [Help Center]
c) Click bottom right [Support]
d) A new pop up will show with [I need help with _____], key a topic name of your choice.
e) The engine will search for best answers and display accordingly, at the bottom you will see this :

f) You can choose [Get help by phone] which they will then respond typically 2 mins.

Business Related (NTU)

• Standard Account PO sending
• Change of Email address to receive Standard Account PO
• Functional questions (Order Confirmation, Advance Ship Notice, Goods Receipt, Invoicing)
• Any other business-related queries

Send Email to