Research Capabilities

Our work aims to catalyse change in the four core pillars of population health: chronic care management, quality and safety, public health, and health policy.

Through our work, we:

INFORM policy-makers about the optimal future of healthcare

DEVELOP new approaches and find innovative ways to solve complex health problems in today’s world

CHANGE digital health, digital education and health services and outcomes research for the better

BRING transformation into people's lives and health systems for healthier families, communities and populations 

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Our Research

Our mission is to transform and challenge the way health education, prevention, healthcare delivery, treatments and diagnostics occur for the better. Through our ideas and research, we aim to propel innovations that have a transformative impact: from policy and health systems, to accessible, affordable and high quality frontline care in order to ultimately improve the health of the population.

The most pressing challenge in population health, such as the dramatic increase of chronic conditions and infectious diseases, require more than a mono-disciplinary approach. Based in Singapore, our multidisciplinary, international and expert group of clinicians, scientists, and researchers work at different local, regional and global levels through various partnerships and collaborations. Find out more about our team here.

Our active areas of research include digital health, digital education, and health services and outcomes research.

We conceive population health as being a holistic ‘cradle to grave’ concept encompassing research from early childhood to end of life, and moves beyond health systems and the continuum of care to individuals, families, communities and societies. Population health is related to both the surveillance, prevention, and management of health conditions, as well as the promotion of healthy behaviours and lifestyles, seeking the physical, mental and social wellbeing of the population.

Ideally, population health research should lead to improved health outcomes in the population, and ensure those outcomes are fairly distributed across society.

The WHO CC supports the WHO’s wider vision to improve the digital health competencies and capacity of the health workforce.​ Read more here.

An initiative driven by CePHaS, the Digital Health Education Collaboration is an international initiative searching for effective digital education interventions for health professionals. It is a response to a growing shortage of health professionals worldwide and aims to provide robust evidence to support the transformation of education for health professionals through the use of digital technology​. Sign up for updates here​.

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