Verification of Original Documents for Students with International Qualifications

The verification exercise will be conducted in mid-September/early October 2021.  All matriculated students, with provision of international qualifications (including NUS High School Diploma and  International Baccalaureate  Diploma) during application, are required to appear for the exercise, regardless of their nationality. The University has the authority to revoke the admission of any student who fails to appear for the exercise or fails to submit the required authentic document within given timeline. 

We check the authenticity of your documents with one of the following methods:

  1. At Official website

    If available, you are required to provide the login credential along with the result slip at submission or authorise NTU to access your results directly.

  2. From Source by Email or Post

We may check directly with the organisation, school or college who awarded the qualification or inform you to request the organisation, school or college who awarded the qualification to forward your academic results directly to us by email or post. Email submission is preferred.   

  • By Email - It must be from the organisation, school or college email and a suitable member or staff of the organisation, school or college.   Student's name and application number must be included in the subject of the email and email directly to us at
  • By Post – It has to be sent directly from the organisation, school or college who awarded the qualification in a sealed envelope via post to :  Office of Admissions, Nanyang Technological University, Student Services Centre #03-01, 42 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639815
  1. Student may be required to appear in person (either personally or via MS Team) for verification of specific documents. Such notification will be sent to student's NTU email account closer to the verification period.