FAQ-MOE Tuition Grant

1. Do I need to apply for MOE TG to enjoy the subsidized tuition fees?

Singaporean students: 
Just after​​ you have obtained your NTU matriculation number, you are to  i) complete the TG declaration form online and ii) submit your application for TG under the ‘MOE Tuition Grant’ section at  ‘Acceptance Link’.

Singapore Permanent Resident and International students: 
Just after you have obtained your NTU matriculation number,  you are to complete the TG Declaration form online and indicate that you are opting in for the Grant under the MOE Tuition Grant’ section at ‘Acceptance Link’.
Thereafter you are required to put in an application for the Grant via the MOE TGonline website during the MOE TG application period.
Post application, you and 2 sureties will be required to sign TG agreement during the TG agreement signing period. 
MOE will only accord you the Grant after you have applied for and completed the agreement signing.

For application and signing details, please refer to Tuition Grant Page.

You and your sureties are encouraged to sign the agreement together on the scheduled date. However, if your sureties are not able to sign at the same time with you, they may sign the agreement 1st on any day during the signing period. You may sign after they have done so, on any day during the signing period.
During the TG application period, you may change your sureties even after you have submitted your online application for the Grant by re-accessing the TGonline website.
After the close of the TG application period, complete the “ Change of surety form” and sc​an over the completed form to finaid@ntu.edu.sg. We will forward your request to MOE and update you of the outcome.