On a quest to better serve the community

Ms Priyadharshini Chockalingam, 24, is on a mission to serve.

“I was drawn to psychology because I am very fascinated by how complex people are: Why do they act the way they do? What are they thinking when they behave in a certain way? These questions intrigued me,” says Ms Priyadharshini.

She is now a third-year student specialising in psychology with a second major in biological sciences.

Currently enrolled in the NTU-University Scholars Programme (NTU-USP), Ms Priyadharshini had the opportunity to be involved in community service which greatly enriched her overall academic experience.

Through its multidisciplinary programme, NTU-USP scholars are exposed to diverse learning opportunities that complement their studies, all while sharpening their critical thinking and leadership skills.

Her first foray into community service was an internship with HealthServe, a non-profit group that provides medical care to migrant workers.

“My time with HealthServe showed me how the healthcare we take for granted is not accessible to all. I want to provide healthcare to those who really need it,” she says. She now volunteers with Trampolene, a non-profit organisation that assists people with special needs.

“These experiences have taught me that with education, I can help so many more people and do so much more for the world.”

Source: The Straits Times | Scholars' Choice © SPH Media Limited. Permission required for reproduction.

Published Feb 22, 2022