Health Screening

​All students must undergo health screening prior to admission to determine their medical fitness to pursue the programme of study in the University. Health screening is conducted at the campus clinic - Fullerton Healthcare @ NTU, University Health Service (UHS).

During this period of the health screening, X-ray services are available on site. Female students are advised to come wearing a plain T-shirt (one-color only) with no buttons, logo, emblem or pattern of any kind. This allows the X-ray to be taken without any change of clothes. Otherwise, you may have to purchase and change into a disposable gown for the X-ray examination. You should do your Chest X-ray only after the physical examination of your health screening.

Female students who are expecting their menstrual period to coincide with the health screening, please arrange for a date that is at least one week after the last day of your period. This is to avoid having to come back a second time to complete the urine test, as an ongoing or recent period will interfere with the results of the urine test.

Please note that health screening fee(s) will be borne by the students. Do allow 5 working days for your health screening to be processed.  

For exemption of health screening, please approach the staff at UHS.

Please print the Medical Examination Report which you need for your Student's Pass formalities with ICA. Complete Part I of the Form and hand it to UHS along with your Health Screening Form (MC1). If you have previously submitted the Medical Examination Report to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or Ministry of Manpower (MOM) not more than 2 years ago, please fill up the Declaration at the bottom of the report.

You must undergo a health screening at UHS prior to admission to the University. You are required by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to undergo the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) test and Chest X-ray to exclude Tuberculosis for the issuance of Student's Pass. These tests are to be done in Singapore. You are required to collect your health screening results from medical centre.

You are highly encouraged to have health screening done by any registered general practitioners in Singapore. Do bring Health Screening Form (MC1) along with you to the registered general practitioners for the tests that are required. The completed Health Screening Form (MC1) and X-ray report should be submitted personally by hand to UHS as reports sent by mail might be lost in the process. If you have undergone a health screening (less than 6 months) with any registered general practitioners in Singapore, you will have to bring your medical report to UHS for an endorsement during UHS operating hours.

You may book your health screening appointment online.

Booking of health screening appointment below is only applicable to students currently residing in Singapore and Full time International students who have obtained entry approval. 

Booking will start on 22 June 2021.

Once you have confirmed your health screening appointment, please print the confirmation letter and present it to the staff at UHS. Do note that walk-in is strictly not allowed.

Changes to your appointment can be made as long as there is available timeslot and it is done at least 3 days prior to your confirmed health screening appointment. If you wish to change your medical appointment that you have booked earlier, please login using your application number and birth date, please print the confirmation letter and present it to the staff at UHS.

There is a charge for students who are completing Health screening at Fullerton @ NTU or seeking endorsement. 

Student TypeFee
Singapore Citizen/ Singapore Permanent Resident 1$55
International Students 1$60
Students Seeking Endorsement 2$5

1 Fees include the fee for the compulsory Hepatitis B screening blood test.

2 Students with incomplete reports or questionable results will be asked to re-do or add on further tests at an additional costs.

UHS operating hours as follows: 

Monday to Friday: 8.45am to 12.30pm & 2pm to 4.30pm

For enquiries on health screening, you may call UHS directly at 6793 6828 for further assistance.

Please click here for the location of UHS.