Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

The PSEA Scheme is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and is opened to all eligible Singaporeans.

Students can utilise the funds in their own and/or siblings’ PSEA accounts for the payment of tuition fees and compulsory miscellaneous fees and enrichment programmes that are approved and endorsed by the University.

For student using his/her own PSEA, click here for Online Adhoc Application.

For student using his/her sibling’s PSEA, click here for Online Ad-hoc Application*.

 * Important Notes:

  • If your sibling is 21 years old or above, please provide their email address in the online form to receive the authorisation request from MOE.
  • If your sibling is below 21 years old, please provide your parent’s email address if the online form is not submitted by your parent, in order to receive the authorisation request from MOE.
  • If using more than 1 siblings’ PSEA, please enter the details of the sibling whose PSEA will be deducted first.

Please note the following:

PSEA Adhoc Application is a one-time payment for any one particular semester. One application form is to be submitted for each specific withdrawal. Please indicate in the application form the usage category and exact amount to be withdrawn. The amount released by MOE will be equivalent to the withdrawal amount you have indicated on the application form or available fund balances in PSEA Account, whichever is lower.

Please call the MOE hotline at Tel: 6260 0777 to confirm if you have a Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) before submitting the application.

Conditions for submission of Withdrawal form for Enrichment/ Preparatory Programmes

  • The application form must be submitted together with supporting documents as evidence of the cost for participating in the programme.
  • Student club activities that are student-led will not be eligible for PSEA claims.

If your application is approved, MOE will proceed to release the funds to the University within 4-5 weeks from your application submission date. There will be a delay in the release of funds if your document/information is not complete.

If your application is not successful, we will inform you via your NTU email to resubmit your application within 2 weeks from your application submission date.

MOE will not send you any statement at the point of withdrawal to update you on the amount withdrawn. They will send you a withdrawal statement at the end of the 3rd month after your submission date.

Before you receive the withdrawal statement, you may call MOE 24-hour automated PSEA hotline at 6260 0777 to check on your fund balance.

For more information or further enquiries on the PSEA Scheme, please refer to MOE website or contact MOE at:

MOE Phone: 6260 0777
MOE Online Enquiries: