Overseas Internships

Today's globalised business climate requires talent who are equipped with a global mindset and cultural intelligence. To align with this, we aim to develop students' global readiness through academic courses, training workshops as well as offering overseas internship opportunities in many countries across the world. 

Apart from contributing to the companies with their meaningful work effort during internship, our overseas interns can also be trained and evaluated through real work involvement and challenges. Upon graduation, they can be considered full-time hire in their Singapore or international offices Hence, it is through such arrangement that our industry partners can collaborate with NTU to develop their global talent pipelines. 

Team up with us to develop you future global talents!

For enquiries, please email us at [email protected].

For current NTU students, you may want to find out more here.



Region: Worldwide

Companies worldwide can reach out to our students from various specialisation on their internship opportunities.

Region: China

A long running programme since 2005, students work as interns with companies in China and study about China by attending classes with top universities.

Region: Worldwide

Partner Universities worldwide offer internship opportunities in their research labs to our engineering and science students.

Region: Canada, China, USA, UK, Germany, Israel

For students who aspire to do an internship with start-ups overseas.

This programme is managed by other offices, supported by CAO.