What is Lead@NTU?

Lead@NTU is our premier career acceleration and leadership programme, and will guide you towards developing the skills, qualities and aptitude needed to thrive in your career.

3 Key Goals

For the university, the Lead@NTU programme sets out to accomplish three primary goals:


Throughout this 8 - to 12-month journey, participants will be engaged in:

Flagship Programmes
Conversations with leaders
Coaching Sessions
Leadership Assessments
... and more

This is more than a personal journey, it’s an adventure that you’re embarking on with peers and mentors at NTU. You will develop new levels of teamwork, leadership capabilities, communication and coaching skills, and much more.

You will grow into a leader who inspires action, drives innovation and leads exceptional initiatives.

As a shortlisted Lead@NTU participant, you have the opportunity to engage in one of three leadership-focused programmes, depending on your current role. 

Lead 1:

Growth for emerging leaders

Take your career in an empowering new direction with Lead1. Develop the fundamental skills, insights and agility you need to transition from an excellent individual contributor and subject matter expert, into an influential leader. Here, you will begin shifting the focus of your work from “yourself” to “others” – learning how to depend on others, and having others count on you. 

Overall Lead 1 Journey

Lead 2:

Pathways for developing leaders

Step up to the next level, when you develop leadership skills that give you the capabilities to confidently and effectively lead units within larger departments. In Lead2, your focus will shift from “unit” to “university” – and you will become an expert at building a culture of excellence within your team. 

Overall Lead 2 Journey

Lead 3:

Stewardship for strategic leaders

The penultimate level of our leadership programme prepares senior level leaders for a stewardship role. In this position, your focus will be on moulding the university’s future – shaping our culture, driving departments and aligning everyone towards NTU’s vision, mission and larger goals. 

What you will gain from Lead@NTU

Lead@NTU graduates automatically become a member of the Lead@NTU Alumni and are entitled to participate in events and activities such as networking sessions, speakers series and many more.

Purpose of Lead@NTU Alumni

  • Foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and the University.
  • Champion life-long learning.
  • Alumni members will play an important role as change agents, ambassadors, influencers for leadership development within the University.
  • Essential partner of the University to drive OneNTU culture.