Expand your leadership potential

We are in a time of unprecedented change. The types of jobs and work that will take place in the coming decades will create a great need for capacity and capability building in developing future leaders. Talent is now more vital than ever before. Building our leaders' capabilities is of utmost priority in NTU's recruitment drive and retention policy. We believe in empowering our management, faculty, researchers, students, and staff to develop and grow through systematic leadership training offered by NTU at different levels. All individuals would thus be able to exert their influence through working with others to achieve common goals aligned with the University's mission.

As an enabler of the NTU 2025 ambition to be a mission-led, high performing organisation, the University rolled out a series of leadership programmes titled LEAD@NTU in 2019. This training is intended to build capabilities across all management levels to develop exceptional leaders who would inspire, grow, and empower those around them. Emerging, developing, and senior leaders from across faculty and staff join together in diverse groups to learn, engage and accelerate their leadership through experiential learning and networking.

At NTU, we believe everyone is a leader and has the potential to grow, contribute, and be a lifelong learner. To fulfil this vision, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey that is LEAD@NTU.

Esther Quek
Chief Human Resource Officer

The Lead@NTU programmes combine the best of NTU and external experts from industry and academia to share cutting-edge insights and tools. ​

 The three key goals of LEAD@NTU are:

  • Creating a unique opportunity for participants to learn from peers and seasoned coaches in an intimate setting. 
  • Building capabilities to drive transformational change at NTU while maximizing and fulfilling the employee's potential . 
  • Providing the opportunity to learn in dynamic environment with diverse experience and expertise.

 Leaders learn, engage and accelerate development through real-time experience, experiential learning, tools and networking to create value and impact. 

 Participants will be empowered to become strategic leaders focused on the complex responsibilities and operational challenges of global leadership. Focused on accelerating personal and team growth, participants will receive individual coaching to identify your personal leadership strengths and gaps. Participants will also benefit from the opportunity to build close, trusting relationships with a small and diverse group of senior leaders who understand your leadership challenges, and are able to provide a sounding board for perspectives and counsel, even way after the programme.

 LEAD@NTU comprises three highly customised and interactive programmes designed to address each participant's unique professional and leadership developmental needs. 

 Lead1: Focuses on the growth of young faculty and staff "emerging leaders". It aims to build the necessary skills and insights of first-time manager-leaders to become leaders by developing their confidence, knowledge, and network. This programme focuses on building relationships, driving results, influencing, and managing conflict. The goal is to become more effective and ready for their future roles.

 Lead2: Focuses on the growth of mid-career faculty and staff "developing leaders". It emphasizes building a team culture of excellence that thrives in collaboration, growth, and continued improvement. The goal is for participants to become more effective in leading their teams and departments.

 Lead3: Focuses on stewardship and growth of "strategic leaders" to realize the University's vision and mission by creating a model culture of leadership that inspires others. 

In addition to the leadership programmes, Lead@NTU provides a platform that connects mentors and mentees.

Engage with peers and senior leaders in a one-on-one and confidential setting to discuss goals, challenges, and role-specific issues, while counselling and learning from one another. It aims to provide leadership guidance on almost every aspect of both NTU and global best practices such as career exploration, corporate culture, soft skills development, organisational understanding and networking opportunities.

These cross-segment learning and collaboration is one of the main highlights of the programme.

In conversation with Leaders' series

Putting leadership development at the heart of capability building goes beyond continuous learning, evolving, and leadership skills development.

 The Lead@NTU programmes include​ engagement with inspirational leaders such as the Nanyang Professors of the Practice and prominent CEOs, workshops, discussions and networking that help participants learn how to better play to their strengths. Above all, it enables participants to cultivate internal and external networks as a source of support to promote collaboration across organisational boundaries and to help employees embrace change through dialogues and engagement. ​

 The 'In Conversation with Leaders' series, first held virtually for Lead2 participants in May 2020 provides the participants an opportunity to know members of the President's Council at a deeper level and ask any questions they may have regarding leadership. 

The Lead@NTU fellowship is granted each year to outstanding participants of Lead@NTU to enable them to pursue additional developmental and learning opportunities. It is designed to cover additional leadership learning that will strengthen the nominees’ personal capabilities and help them become as effective as possible in leadership situations.​​

The inaugural Mary Suresh Leadership Award (MSLA) recognises participants who demonstrate commitment to continuous learning and inspire others towards leadership development. MSLA is a personal contribution by NTU President Professor Subra Suresh, who names the annual award after his wife Mary Suresh. It's his personal commitment, leadership and support towards leadership development at the University. 


  • Participants of Lead2@NTU and Impactful Leadership of Student Leadership Development Programme (SLDP)

Award Criteria: 

  • Promotes a learning environment that is respectful and inclusive
  • Builds strong relationship that facilitates trust level with cohort, facilitators and sponsors
  • Actively engages cohort in collaborative learning and sharing beyond workshops
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate with impact 

Selection process:

  • Peer nomination based on criteria established
  • Inputs from sponsors/mentors
  • Final review by selection committee

The award winners (one faculty, one staff and one student) will be announced at the Lead@NTU Capstone Event.

Lead@NTU graduates automatically become a member of the Lead@NTU Alumni. 

Purpose of Lead@NTU Alumni

  • Foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and the University. 
  • Champion life-long learning.
  • Alumni members will play an important role as change agents, ambassadors, influencers for leadership development within the University. 
  • Essential partner of the University to drive OneNTU culture. 

Alumni members are entitled to participate in all programmes, events and activities such as alumni book club, networking sessions, speakers series and many more.