Published on 17 Apr 2023

Small satellites pack big punch at space symposium

NTU is hosting the 5th Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) Symposium, bringing together an international panel of space experts from agencies such as NASA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and France’s space research agency LEGOS-CNES.

The four-day symposium from 17 – 20 April sees more than 200 scientists, researchers and industry experts discussing advances in space sciences, with a focus on the emerging field of small satellite development.

Such small and cube satellites have grown in popularity over the last decade as effective tools for space research, such as Earth remote sensing, space weather studies, Sun-Earth interactions and planetary explorations.

NTU, as the birthplace of the Singapore satellite, will continue to push the frontiers of systems of small satellites through the Symposium’s knowledge-sharing and international research collaboration.

COSPAR announced at the Symposium that Singapore has joined COSPAR as a Member, with Singapore’s Office for Space Technology and Industry (OSTIn) becoming the 46th National Scientific Institution to join.

OSTIn will act as the National Scientific Institution representing Singapore in the COSPAR governance, with one seat and one vote in the COSPAR Council. 

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