Published on 16 Aug 2023

Aspiring doctors from the class of 2028 begin their journey at White Coat Ceremony 2023

The doctors of tomorrow from NTU LKCMedicine embarked on the start of their medical school journey at the school’s White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2028 on 16 August.

The 150 medical freshmen received their white coats from their tutors and teachers, marking a symbolic welcome that signifies the beginning of their medical career.

Professor Joseph Sung, NTU Senior Vice President (Health & Life Sciences) and Dean of LKCMedicine, congratulated the cohort on being the 11th intake of students who will go on to shape Singapore’s healthcare and drive the future of medicine.

“Donning the white coats at the start of medical education is a reminder to put our patients’ well-being first, even as student doctors. Wearing the white coat represents humility, integrity, compassion, professionalism and continuous learning – values that the School will instill in you over the next five years,” said Prof Sung. “This coat will initiate a journey through a challenging but rewarding time as you grow into resilient and competent doctors.”

Guest-of-honour Associate Professor Alan Ng Wei Keong, Master of the Academy, Academy of Medicine, Singapore, welcomed the freshmen with a reminder that the ceremony is a public declaration of their commitment to professionalism and caring. “You will all be mindful of the professional responsibilities which come when you put on the white coat; a commitment to act in the best interests and well-being of the patient,” he said.

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