Published on 18 Oct 2023

Opinion: Are we equipped to confront AI-generated deepfakes?

Woman using a laptop on a bed

At an Online Harms Symposium in September, Minister for Law and Home Affairs K. Shanmugam said that further laws are needed to protect victims. The need to address online safety is made more pressing with the rise of harassment AI, Mr Shanmugam said. 

In an op-ed, Assoc Prof Hannah Yee-Fen Lim from NTU's NBS discussed how the ease of committing online harms using generative AI and the impact on victims need to be tackled urgently.

"As Generative AI continues to take the world by storm, from ChatGPT being able to seemingly generate human-like texts, to its technology being touted to be able to help defendants in court who can’t afford lawyers, there’s been an explosion in unsavoury uses of it, too," she wrote.

In order for faster processes to remove offending images from the Internet, a “take-down” notice scheme targeted at those who host the content, similar to that for copyright infringing materials would be helpful, but to be truly effective, such a scheme would need to be formulated at the international level," she added.

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