CoLab4Good Award

The CoLab4Good Award for Service to Society is an Award that recognises student initiatives which have made significant contributions to either the community, or the environment in the preceding year.

​Winner​s will receive the following:

  • Certificate
  • Cash award of $2,000
  • Grant of $3,000 to be used for future initiatives related to the areas in which they have been awarded

To be eligible for this Award, the nominated student initiative must belong to student organisations that come under the purview of the Student Affairs Office. Student organisations that have faced disciplinary actions in the last two years will not be eligible to receive the Award.

Student initiatives nominated for the Award must have taken place in the preceding Academic Year. ​

Nomination requires the endorsement by the respective President of the student organisation AND a Nominator, who can be a staff (except from Student Affairs Office), faculty member or student leader of a different student organisation. Late submissions will not be entertained and all received Forms will be treated as final and cannot be amended.

Self-nominations are not allowed.

For nomination forms and to read about some frequently asked questions, please visit our intranet page here.

Nomination PeriodNow - August
Pitch SessionEnd August
Final Review PeriodEarly September
Award CeremonyOctober


For a detailed timeline, please visit our intranet page here.

Nominations will be evaluated by a panel consisting of at least two staff/faculty members and one immediate past student leader.

Service to society may be evidenced by, but is not restricted to, such accomplishments as:

  • A specific programme or project with demonstrable social impact.
  • Creation of special opportunities that advance inclusivity and diversity.
  • Garnering the interest and involvement of the general public.​
Student organisations may also consider to apply for the Mr and Mrs Kwok Chin Yan Award for Student Initiative, that recognises student initiatives which have made significant contributions towards enhancement of student life, the improvement of campus environment or the betterment of the larger community. Click HERE to read more.


Further questions about eligibility and nomination process should be directed to Student Community Engagement Team.

Past Winners

2021 Winners of CoLab4Good Award for Service to Society

2021 Winner of CoLab4Good Award for Service to Society

Mind Matters Mental Health Week 2021 : Social Support

Co-organised by Welfare Services Club Regular Service Project (Mental Health) and Graduate Students’ Association, Mind Matters Mental Health Week aims to promote the importance of mental well-being in NTU. Into its third edition since 2019, this week-long mental health festival was held virtually for the first time this year, due to the pandemic.

The theme for this festival in 2021 is “Social Support”, as it aims to illustrate the significance of support in allowing everyone to feel accepted and understood. Social support, both through one’s inner circles and through community organisations, helps maintain mental well-being and encourages persons with mental health conditions to seek professional help. This event also aims to raise awareness on the intersections that mental health discourse has with other forms of social inequality.

The organising team hopes to emphasise that the onus of raising awareness on mental health literacy and reducing stigmatisation is not just the responsibility of a few, but of the entire community.

2021 Winner of CoLab4Good Award for Service to Society

Community Telehealth Service

The pandemic has affected the access to routine non-urgent health services, especially for people living with chronic illnesses.

Telehealth stands out as the platform for the new norm – it is the delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services via telecommunication and digital communication technologies. For the digital natives, this is more efficient, affordable, and convenient but it is not the case for many of our seniors.

A collaboration between a team of students from the Interdisciplinary Graduate School – Student Club and Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine Graduate Student Club, they created an initiative called Community Telehealth Service, where it aims to provide accessible and scalable health monitoring in a physical-digital hybrid manner through health booths. It overcomes the lack of physical measurements in a typical telehealth app consult and people do not have to own or maintain any of the medical devices. Another key consideration was to remove the commute barrier by locating the booth within convenient community spaces (i.e. along the way to buy groceries).

2021 Winner of CoLab4Good Award for Service to Society

Arts + U

Arts + U is a collaborative project between students from Art, Design and Media Student Club and NIE Student Teacher’s Club to promote Arts and Design to secondary schools who do not have Art Elective Programmes.

Through student-led workshops that are tailored to the schools, Arts + U provides a platform to not only instill students with technical skills they can take away with, but also shed light into the tertiary/industry opportunities in the arts and design sector.

For this edition, the team collaborated with students from Swiss Cottage Secondary School. The programme surrounds the idea of creating artwork using recyclable materials, thereby encouraging a spirit of upcycling and recycling, which is something that Swiss Cottage Secondary School was very passionate about. Owing to the pandemic, the event went virtual via Zoom; NTU students who participated played the role of facilitators in the different programmes of the event, and interacting with the students virtually to share more about their experience as an Art student.