Loss of Student's Pass

 CategoryActions / Information Required
1.Replacement of Student’s Pass

Students are required to apply for a replacement card in person at the ICA building (no appointment required, proceed to the Information Counter at level 4 to get a queue ticket) within 7 days from the date of loss with the following documents:

  • Your recent passport-sized colour photograph taken within the last three months. 
  • Your valid travel document (valid for least six months)
  • A statutory declaration or an original police report (not a photocopy) explaining that the card has been lost, if applicable.
  • Acknowledged Student's Pass Terms and Conditions
  • NTU Letter of Certification, stating you are currently a registered student

1. Replacement fees for a lost Student’s Pass card

  • S$100 for first loss
  • S$300 for second and subsequent losses
2. Credit / Debit Card for the replacement
2.Request for NTU Letter of Certification

You may request for the Letter of Certification (LOC) from ServiceNow at https://www.ntu.edu.sg/life-at-ntu/student-life/onestop. Please refer to the steps below: 

1. Click on 'One Stop Portal' under 'NTU Student Login'

2. Log in your User ID and password

3. Enter Letter of Certification into the search bar


Click on Request for Services > Certificates/Transcripts > Letter of Certification


4. Login with your NTU Network Account ID/Password and tick the “Standard” under the Letter Type you wish to apply for

5. Tick the checkbox for confirmation and click Submit

6. You will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your application.

The processing time to generate the Letter of Certificate (LOC) via the system is two working days. You will be receiving an email notification once the LOC is ready for downloading.  Please download and print the certification letter.