Seeking Employment

If you require assistance, you may wish to seek career guidance from NTU's Career and Attachment Office (CAO) before you graduate. Please visit CAO website for more information.

You may obtain a letter on your Eligibility for an Employment Pass (EP) from CAO. This letter certifies that you are seeking employment to serve your bond obligations, which you may attached to your job application to inform your prospective employer that Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will consider your EP application favourably due to your bond obligation. Please visit MOM website for more information on passes and permits.

Remember that you can also apply through the Immigration & Che​ckpoints Authority (ICA) for a 1-year non-renewable Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP). Please visit ICA website for more information.

You will have to serve out your scholarship bond in a Singapore entity. Part-time employment will not be counted. Full-time permanent & full-time contract employment with companies registered and based in Singapore will be counted towards the serving of your bond except for the periods of:

i. No-pay leave;
ii. Half-pay leave;
iii. Study leave;
iv. Suspension from duty.

If your job search takes longer than expected, you may consider seeking part-time employment. However, you must continue to look for a full-time job in a Singapore entity. Part-time job will NOT be counted towards fulfilment of your bond duration.

Once you have obtained an offer for part-time employment, you must approach MOE's Tuition Grant Unit (TGU) to apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC) to be issued by the MOM, before you may commence work.

Please contact the Bond Management team at or 6513 7709 / 7730 to update your personal contact and employment details.​
​You must update your employment status annually following your graduation, or if there is any changes to your employment. You will need to proof of employment (e.g. an Employment Certification Letter). Contact the Bond Management team at or 6513 7709 / 7730.