Bond Obligations

1. What will I have to do upon my graduation from NTU?

You are to seek employment in a Singapore entity immediately after your graduation from NTU. It is your obligation to fulfil your 6-year scholarship bond. Your 6-year scholarship bond will run concurrently with the 3-year tuition grant (TG) bond.

You should update your personal contact (which includes your address, contact number, personal email address) and employment details immediately should there be any change. You are also required to update Bond Administrators immediately of any change in the contact information of your sureties. Any changes must be su​pported by the necessary documentary proof.

Please contact the Bond Management team at or 6513 7709 / 7730 to update your personal contact and employment details.​ Alternatively, you may submit your profile and employment update HERE.


2. Can I work for any company after graduation?

Yes, you can work for any Singapore entity/company. However, you must serve out your scholarship bond in a Singapore entity only.


3. What is a Singapore entity?

​A Singapore entity refers to a firm or company registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), a body incorporated in Singapore or all other entities constituted under the laws of Singapore. You may visit ACRA website for more information.


4. Do I have to update my Bond Administrators of changes to mine or my sureties' contact and employment information?

Yes, you are required to provide Bond Management team with prompt / timely updates of changes to you or your sureties' contact and employment information. Do inform us immediately of any changes to the following:

Scholar's Details

Sureties' Details​

Residential address

Residential address

Contact number

Contact number

Personal email address

Employment status & details

Employment status & details


As a scholarship holder, you are obligated to respond to calls for updates by the Bond Management team. If you do not respond to our emails or choose to remain uncontactable, it may subject you and your sureties to a warning letter and liquidated damages.

5. I understand that I also have a 3-year bond arising from the Tuition Grant scheme.  Do I have to serve two bond periods for my Scholarship and Tuition Grant (TG) Bonds?

The TG Bond and the scholarship bond are two separate obligations that you will have to fulfil. You will have to serve out both your scholarship and your TG bond obligations.

However, you may serve the 6-year Scholarship Bond and the 3-year TG Bond concurrently.

NTU Bond Management team is the scholarship bond administrator. For all matters pertaining to Tuition Grant Bond, please visit or contact the TG Unit at for more information.


6. ​Are the obligations of my TG bond and my scholarship bond similar?

No. The obligations of the TG bond and the scholarship bond are not similar. The TG Bond and the scholarship bond are two separate obligations that you have to fulfil. You may however serve the 6-year Scholarship Bond and the 3-year TG Bond concurrently.