International Students

International students have numerous opportunities to participate in campus life, including Clubs and Societies, Community Engagement, Sports and Residential Education

In addition to these opportunities, the Inclusion & Integration (I&I) team curates a range of meaningful activities for students to expand their social network and community of friends, as well as learn about university life and Singapore.

Four freshmen taking a group photo at a tea reception.

Orientation Briefings

These briefings provide useful information to get our international students started, including important resources they can tap on during their academic journey


A student playing five stones while a group of students look on.

SG101/102 Series

These interactive sessions allow our international students to experience the unique Singaporean culture with our U.n.I Friends. It is an opportunity to learn about our social norms, our "national hobbies", Singlish, and our local coffee and tea culture.

A group of students taking group photo in front of the pagoda at Chinese garden.

Learning Journeys

Our international students will also have opportunities to embark on heritage and cultural learning journeys with the I&I team and their local peers.



U.n.I Bites

U.n.I Bites is a publication by the Inclusion & Integration Unit providing bite-sized information on Singapore’s major cultural festivals. Compiled in collaboration with international students, the write-ups highlight the history, customs and traditions of Singapore's festive seasons and celebrations.  

NDOC 2022

National Day Observance Ceremony

National Day Observance Ceremony (NDOC) is an annual event for the NTU community to commemorate Singapore’s independence as OneNTU. It serves to remind everyone that the nation has come a long way to achieve the peace and prosperity that it has today, and we should stay united across our diverse cultures to keep Singapore safe, secure, stable, and harmonious.

Pre-Graduation Briefing

Pre-Graduating Briefing

Pre-graduation briefings are organised annually to prepare our international students for their journey after graduation.  These briefings would include information on the administration of student passes and insurance, tuition grant obligations, and support from NTU Careers & Attachment Office.

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Additional resources for International Students are listed below. For International Students who would like to participate in NTU's semester exchange to read courses or conduct research for one or two semesters, please explore the information under ‘GEM Trailblazer’.