Inclusion and Integration

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A pillar of NTU’s 2025 vision is the fostering of a diverse, inclusive & cohesive community at NTU. The Inclusion & Integration Unit (I&I), which comprises two teams (Inclusion & Accessible Education and Integration & Scholar Engagement), contributes to this vision through:

  • efforts to raise awareness of, improve and support accessible education at NTU;
  • initiatives to integrate students from diverse nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and talents;
  • equipping our students to be future-ready leaders, through their embracing of diversity and inclusivity.

II Framework

Our comprehensive framework provides an overview of a student's journey as they embrace the essence of inclusion and integration.

The journey begins with adapting to a new environment and embracing diversity, eventually discovering and developing a multicultural & inclusive mindset and finally applying and maximizing one’s potential. 

A student’s growth also occurs in the context of the broader community around them, starting from a basic level of functional integration (being able to adjust and adapt), developing social networks (building relationships/friendships), and eventually developing mutual trust and understanding.

At the base/foundation are the enablers that support students in achieving these goals – people (seniors/staff/partnerships), policies, processes (workshops/programs) and place (environment).

Ultimately, this journey contributes to the 3 Cs of a NTU graduate: character, competence, and cognitive agility.

Supporting I&I's efforts are two groups of student leaders: U.n.I Friends and Inclusion Advocates

U.n.I Friends are a group of trained student volunteers involved in various campus-wide activities and initiatives to promote inclusion and integration efforts within the NTU community. In addition to co-organising inclusive activities and helping peers transition to NTU and Singapore, U.n.I Friends develop their leadership skills through training opportunities, including disability awareness, communication skills and inclusive design. 

Inclusion Advocates are student leaders from School Clubs and Hall Councils who actively contribute to NTU’s inclusion and integration efforts by championing and implementing inclusive practices when organising student activities. Inclusion Advocates receive training and an Inclusion Checklist to provide guidance on things to look out for and/or incorporate. An Inclusion & Integration Fund provides support for such inclusive and integrative practices.

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