Tamarind Hall

The Nanyang Crescent Halls (Saraca, Tamarind and Hall of Residence 7) are designed with environmental sustainability in mind and offers a variety of facilities for residents to live, work and play.

38 Nanyang Crescent, Singapore 636866
  • Room Amenities:Air-con | Non air-con | Toilet (Attached) | Toilet (Common)

Admin Office

Room Rates

Monthly Rate S$
(per resident)
Monthly Rate S$
(per resident)
Single Room (Non Air-con)545590
Double Room (Non Air-con)398432
Single Room (Air-con)585635
Double Room (Air-con)439475
Single Plus-sized Room (Non Air-con)560610
Single Plus-sized Room (Air-con)595645
Single En-suite Room (Air-con)735785
Single En-suite Room (Non Air-con)655705

#There are plans to upgrade and renovate certain student halls.  The rates for these specific halls will no longer be applicable once these particular halls undergo upgrading and renovations.