​​Double Degree in Aerospace Engineering and Economics​

Double Degree

​​This double degree programme aims to equip graduates with excellent knowledge and competency in aerospace engineering and economics.  Very often, the decisions and choices in engineering design, process, product and innovation are influenced by economic considerations. The ultimate purpose of engineering and economic endeavours can be seen as meeting human's needs and wants in the presence of resource scarcity. Hence these two disciplines are mutually inspirational and complementary.​ 


Candidates must meet the minimum entry requirements of Engineering and Economics programmes, including the minimum subject requirements. Please refer to the Office of Admissions for more information. 


By Application, on a case-by-case basis



Five years 

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​​Armed with two honours degrees, a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics, graduates can expect more career options in the engineering and economics-related industries and beyond. Technical prowess and a good grasp of economic principles are essential for the sustenance of free enterprises and entrepreneurship.​ 

The Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) and the Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) degrees are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Board of the Institute of Engineers, Singapore (IES).​