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Mechanical Engineering Degree Programme (Part-Time)

Mechanical Engineering studies the science of mechanics. Mechanical engineers use their knowledge in the design and manufacturing of high-tech products, as well as in the operation and maintenance of plant and machinery. The B.Eng. (Mech.) degree programme, offered in the School of MAE, aims to train professionals with a well-rounded education in engineering and technology.

The part-time Bachelor of Engineering degree is designed for those with polytechnic diplomas or equivalent qualifications who would like to further their studies on a part-time basis while continuing to work. The part-time students take the same examinations as their full-time counterparts and receive the same B.Eng. degree which is wholly recognised by reputable professional institutions.

The normal duration of study is 4 years but students are allowed to complete the programme at their own pace within a maximum candidature period of 6 years. The degree programme will leverage on active collaborative learning pedagogies to promote learning and teaching in both online and offline spaces. Technology-enriched classes empower adult learners to learn anytime, anywhere in order to strike a good balance between their work and study commitments, and at the same time fulfil their desire to obtain a professional degree.



The new mechanical engineering curriculum is designed to equip its graduates for the knowledge-based economy. Strong foundations in key mechanical engineering concepts are introduced in their early years. Complementing it are courses with analytical, experimental and practical problem-solving skills to give our students an all-rounded training experience. The broader coverage of the engineering fundamentals, with specialisation through electives allow graduates to seek employment in a variety of sectors of the economy.

An overview of the 4-year curriculum is illustrated below:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Foundation Mathematics
Physics A
Fundamental Engineering Materials
Engineering Mathematics
Mechanics of Materials
Engineering Communication I
Introduction to Sustainability: Muiltidisciplinary Approaches & Solutions
Human Resource Management
Introduction to Thermo-fluids
Engineering Graphics
Introduction to Electrical Circuits & Electronic Devices
Engineers & Society
Theory of Mechanism
Solid Mechanics & Vibration
Laboratory Experiments (ME)
Manufacturing Processes
Ethics & Moral Reasoning
Machine Element Design
Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
Control Theory
Mathematical Methods in Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Mechanical Experiments (ME)
Enterprise & Innovation
Major Prescribed Elective 1
Final Year Project
Engineering Design
Fluid Dynamics
Engineering Communication II
Major Prescribed Elective 2
Major Prescribed Elective 3
Major Prescribed Elective 4
Final Year Project

* Students who fail Qualifying English Test (QET) should read English Proficiency (HW0001) in their Year 1, Semester 1.

Major Prescribed Electives
Students are allowed to choose their Major Prescribed Electives from any 2 specialisation groups. Students who have read at least three (3) courses from one specialisation would be deemed to have specialised.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants who have a Diploma in Mechanical / Manufacturing Engineering or an equivalent qualification from one of the local polytechnics in Singapore. Final year polytechnic students are welcome to apply. For the list of acceptable diplomas, please click here.
  • Admission is based on academic merit and preference is given to those with working experience.
  • All who gain admission and are enrolled in the part-time Mechanical Engineering programme are required to have accumulated at least one year of full-time technical work experience by the end of their 2nd year of study in order to satisfy the practical components of the curriculum.

Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents

The Ministry of Education (MOE) provides funding to subsidize the cost of part-time degree programmes for Singapore Citizens (SC) and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR). For applicants who are SC or SPR, please click  here for the additional requirements for admission and the MOE Tuition Fee Subsidy.

Application Period

The application and the closing dates will be advertised in the local newspapers in December and January of each year and courses will commence in August each year.

Please apply online at the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid website at:


Programme Fees

From AY2015-16 onwards, the course fee is charged based on the number of academic units enrolled for each semester. Singaporeans and PRs will continue to enjoy subsidies from MOE, and can apply for study loans. More details on fees are available  here.

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous fees are not covered by the tuition fee and subsidies. These compulsory annual miscellaneous fees  are charged for registration, IT facilities, students’ activity, insurances, as well as academic-related services. More details on miscellaneous fees are available  here.

Mechanical engineers are highly sought-after in a range of industries. For example, they are employed as manufacturing/quality engineers in the electronics industry; as process engineers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries; as M&E (mechanical and electrical) engineers in Civil engineering and construction industries; and as biomedical engineers in the life sciences industry. Some become technopreneurs, designing and marketing their own products and services.
“I am thankful that MAE offers this part-time Mechanical Engineering programme as it gives working professionals like me an opportunity to obtain a prestigious degree from a local university. This part-time degree is highly regarded by most employers as the syllabus is identical to the full-time programme and taught by the same dedicated faculties. I felt a great sense of achievement at having successfully juggled my studies, work and family life. As the saying goes, “All good things come to those who go after them.”

Au Seng Chong
Mechanical Engineering (Part-Time) Graduate 2007
Betchel Book Prize Winner

“The part-time Mechanical Engineering programme is taught by highly qualified professors who are willing to go an extra mile to guide and nurture us. They are also a great source of inspiration as they share with us their life experiences and tribulations. Embarking on my degree at the School of MAE has been an enjoyable and enriching experience and I’m looking forward to greater career opportunities upon my graduation!”

Susan Yeo Hui Kuan
Mechanical Engineering Student (Part-Time)

“Pursuing a rigorous degree programme like Mechanical Engineering can be a challenging prospect when you are working full time. For me, it helps that MAE has systems in place to facilitate the planning of my work and studies. My professors and course mates are also very encouraging - a very important factor that has kept me doggedly focused on my studies. With a curriculum that is current and relevant to my work in the oil and gas industry, I am certainly much better prepared for the challenges ahead!”

Lily Hee Li Li
Mechanical Engineering Student (Part-Time)

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