Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with Second Major in Business (International Trading)

Single Degree with 2nd Major

NTU’s foremost colleges, College of Engineering (CoE) and Nanyang Business School (NBS), jointly offer a unique degree programme that will equip you with both engineering and business knowledge, as well as competencies relevant for the global marketplace. Acquire a distinct competitive advantage over your peers and enjoy better market value, career options, opportunities and mobility across the full breadth of the job market. This is designed for candidates who enjoy a challenging academic programme that combines the technical, hard skills of Engineering with the soft skills of management and leadership inherent in Business studies.


Candidates must meet the minimum entry requirements of the respective Bachelor of Engineering programme, including the minimum subject requirements. Please refer to the Office of Admissions for more information.

Admission enquiries for local students: 

Tel: (65) 6790 5055 or (65) 6790 5972 

Email: [email protected]


Admission enquiries for international students: 

Tel: (65) 6790 5806 or 6790 5807 

Email: [email protected]

The structure of the Bachelor of Engineering with a Second Major in Business (EGBM) integrates the requirements of both the Engineering and Business majors within the typical candidature of 4 years. Right from Year 1, the EGBM curriculum incorporates Business foundation courses alongside Engineering major courses. At the end of Year 1, students can continue with the Second Major in Business (Mainstream) or specialise in International Trading under the second major during the International Trading Programme (ITP) Opt-In Exercise.

For more information on the programme structure, you may refer here.

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