Bachelor of Accountancy with Second Major in Sustainability

Single Degree with 2nd Major

Programme Type


This new second major provides students with the foundation and practical tools for understanding the concepts of sustainability and applying them to real world scenarios. It is designed to follow on sympathetically from the ICC course “Sustainability: Society, Economy and Environment”. The curriculum will be structured according to the three traditional pillars of sustainability: Society, Environment and Economy, colloquially known as People, Planet and Profit. At NTU, the students will then apply this knowledge through two additional pillars of Practice and Policy. 
​​Candidates must meet the minimum entry requirements of Engineering and Business programmes, including the minimum subject requirements. Please refer to the Office of Admissions for more information.   ​ 
Requirements for Second Major in Sustainability:
• 5 compulsory courses, 1 course in each knowledge area (5 courses x 3AU = 15AU)

• Minimum total 12AU from elective courses (12AU)

• Minimum total 30AU (compulsory + electives + Interdisciplinary project) to be awarded the Second Major

• 3.5 years duration, with direct honours.
Interdisciplinary project. 3AUs dedicated to a cross-school group work project, selected from a list of competitions and initiatives. This is a new course – a course proposal for this will be submitted by the end of AY22-23 Semester 1