Designing Your Course

As part of NTU's Education Strategy 2020, all courses within NTU are designed using an outcomes-based teaching and learning (OBTL) approach.

What is OBTL:
Outcomes-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) is a curriculum design framework to teaching and learning that helps you focuses on “first identifying the intended outcomes or goals of a module or programme and then aligning teaching, learning, and assessment to maximise the likelihood that students achieve those outcomes or goals.” (Deneen, Brown, Bond, & Shroff, 2013). This is embodied through the concept of constructive alignment, where the assessment and teaching activities are aligned to achieve the learning outcomes.

How OBTL differs from Traditional Curriculum Design:
Traditionally, curriculum design is organised around a list of topics to be covered and then fitting in the topics to the weekly schedule. Assessments are then based on the amount of course content that can be covered within the given time. 

You can find out more about how we adopt the OBTL approach in NTU by clicking on the links below.

OBTL curriculum design begins by stating desired outcomes (i.e., what students should be able to do when they successfully complete the programme), which are aligned with the programme learning outcomes. Then, you would develop the content, assessment plan and learning activities to help you achieve your learning outcomes.

An outcomes-based approach in course can be summarized in the following steps:

As an instructor, the course submission process begins with completing the Course Outline Document that can be obtained from your school's Undergraduate Education (UE) office. Once you submit it through your UE office, you may hear from CTLP who will provide you with feedback on your course design. Your school will inform you if any changes is required on your part. Once your course has been approved, remember to share the course outline document with your students and continue to refine it as you go along.

CTLP new course submission process

All courses in NTU will need to complete the OBTL review process. Our team is happy to support you in this. Alternatively, you may also contact your school's UE office for more information on getting courses designed to comply with the OBTL design process.