Teaching Assistant Programme (TAP)

Teaching Assistants (TAs) play an important role in engaging students and can make a difference to the quality of the learning experience in NTU.

The programme aims to equip you with the fundamental knowledge and skills for university teaching. Drawing from current best practices, TAP develops your thinking about how effective learning occurs and your confidence in facilitating student-centred learning.

The programme consists of 5 core modules and 3 elective modules.

All full-time PhD students who are assigned teaching duties will be required to complete and pass the 5 core modules (HWG702 Course - University Teaching for Teaching Assistants), to fulfil the requirement for your PhD Qualifying Examinations.

TAP online module
Teaching Assistant Programme
Teaching Assistant Programme

University Teaching for Teaching Assistant Certificate

To be awarded the University Teaching for Teaching Assistants Certificate, you must complete and pass all 8 modules and obtain a recommendation to teach from your microteaching assessor.

For further enquiries, please email TAP@ntu.edu.sg.