Faculty Development Team 

CLTP Faculty Development Team 2022
Dr Preman Rajalingam

☏ 6790 6449
✉ prajalingam@ntu.edu.sg

After receiving his PhD is in Education Psychology from Monash University, Australia in 2011, Preman joined NTU a year later as one of the pioneer staff members at LKCMedicine where he took on various faculty and management positions culminating in the role of Assistant Dean of Educational Development. As Assistant Dean, he was responsible for faculty development, digital learning, and consulting on curriculum development in medical education. He was instrumental in the use of Team-based Learning (TBL) at the medical school.  As an expert in the use of active-collaborative learning approaches, he regularly conducts local and international workshops as a sought-after educator. His current research interests include the science of learning underpinning active-collaborative approaches and the evolving roles of teachers in higher education. In his spare time he reads science fiction and plays board games.

Contact Preman for: SFT; Academic Integrity; Foundation of University Teaching and Learning (FULT); Team Based Learning

Lim Fun Siong

☏ 6592 3739
✉ LIM_Fun_Siong@ntu.edu.sg

Fun Siong heads the faculty development team. Together with his team, he supports the successful implementation of educational initiatives of the university such as Outcome-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) and peer assessment. Currently, he is supporting the university in its effort on learning analytics, curriculum mapping, assessments of key competencies, course evaluation and interdisciplinary learning. His research interests include team-based learning, evaluation of OBTL and team assessment. He is also a finalist judge for Reimagine Education 2020. 

Contact Fun Siong for: OBTL (CoE & CoS); Curriculum Mapping; Team-based learning; Course Design; Teaching Workshops

Dr Sophia Tan

☏ 6592 3742
✉ SophiaTan@ntu.edu.sg

Sophia Tan was Associate Professor of Educational Technology prior to becoming a Faculty Developer. She has more than 20 years of experience in various higher education settings in the US, which include teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in Educational Technology, conducting workshops and seminars for faculty and administrators, and consulting with teachers and schools. She loves to share her passion for teaching and scholarship with faculty and students, and she holds a PhD in Learning, Technology and Culture and an MA in TESOL.

Contact me for: OBTL (CoS & CoHASS ); Foundation of University Learning and Teaching (FULT); Research on Teaching and Learning; Course Design; Teaching Workshops 

Ms Jeanette Choy

☏ 6592 3743
✉ jeanette.choy@ntu.edu.sg

Jeanette has more than 15 years of teaching, education research and academic development experience within the tertiary and adult education sector. This experience includes conducting workshops for educators in various higher education settings, and providing consultations and support on teaching and learning research studies. Jeanette holds a Master of Arts (Instructional Design and Technology). She strongly believes that evidence-based practice and research can be used to underpin, inform and guide teaching and faculty development activities. Her previous research involves the study of students’ learning processes, blended learning, and learning communities for academic development.

Contact Jeanette for: EdeX Teaching and Learning Grants; Research on Teaching and Learning
Ms Lim LiYin

☏ 6592 3744
✉ liyin.lim@ntu.edu.sg

Lim Li Yin is currently the Teaching Assistants Programme (TAP) coordinator. She has 10 years of experience in the Republic Polytechnic as a faculty developer providing consultancy and facilitating workshops for educators in curriculum design, delivery, assessment as well as course management. She has a strong interest in social constructivist learning approaches and the use educational technologies to create meaningful learning experiences. In her five years at the National Security Coordination Secretariat as lead analyst, she was involved in using foresight methodologies to sense-make emerging national security issues with various stakeholders. She enjoys the process of exploring diverse perspectives to clarify and address issues.  

Contact LiYin for: Teaching Assistant Programme (HWG702); Teaching Workshops; Research on Teaching and Learning

Ms Lim LiYin

☏ 6904 2069
✉ alvin.tay@ntu.edu.sg

Alvin Tay is an experienced educator, faculty developer, coach and learning consultant, who has worked with youth and adult learners in tertiary and workplace settings. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education from the National Institute of Education. His core expertise includes designing and facilitating learning programmes that are learner-centred, active and engaging. In 2018, one of the university teaching, learning and pedagogy programmes he led and delivered was recognised with a Team Excellence Award. His interest is currently piqued by how learning experiences are being adapted to the online teaching and learning environment while maintaining high quality learning outcomes.

Contact Alvin for: Teaching Assistant Programme (HWG702); Faculty Learning Communities; Course Design; OBTL Consultations; Faculty Development Workshops.

Tay Hongjuan

✉ cs-tanisagovindan@ntu.edu.sg

Tanisa holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science (First Class Honours) from the University of Wollongong. She currently provides support in data analysis and reporting for research projects in CTLP. Tanisa is grateful for the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the CTLP team.