Resources (Supervisors)

Forms & Log Sheets
[Please refer to the Guidelines for Research Grant Claim document for the workflow for the submission of claims as well as the list of claimable / non-claimable items]
Purchase Approval Form (Fixed Assets / Equipment / All Purchases)
[Last Date of Submission for Approval is on 9 December 2022]
Reimbursement Claim Form
[Last Date of Claims Submission is 13 January 2023]
Human Test Subject Approval Form
Log Sheet 1 Research Sessions Involving Human Test Subjects
Log Sheet 2 Interview Sessions and Token of Appreciation


Designated Signing Authority for Forms

SchoolDesignated Signing Authority for NRP / NRPjr Forms
ASEAssociate Chair (Students)
CEEAssociate Chair (Students)
EEEAssociate Chair (Academic)
MAEAssociate Chair (Students)
MSEAssociate Chair (Students)
NIEAcademic Group Head
SCBEAssociate Chair (Academic)
SCSEAssociate Chair (Academic)
SOHAssociate Chair (Research)
SPMSAssociate Chair (Research)
SSSAssociate Chair (Research)