Applying for NRP

Application for NRP 2024 has closed. The next application will begin in February 2025.

Do watch the video and look through the relevant information below to understand more about the programme.




5 - 23 Feb 2024 (3:00 pm)Application Period for NRP 2024
20 Mar 2024Release of Application Outcome
8 Apr 2024Commencement of NRP 2024
13 Sep 2024 (3:00 pm)
Submission of Progress Report
10 Jan 2025 (3:00 pm)Submission of Research Paper and Research Log
24 Feb - 7 Mar 2025
Oral Presentation Assessment

Click on the notepad below for the NRP and H3 Science Research Project Synopses -  a write-up of the projects on offer.

Projects are classified into the following three categories: 

JC1 and Year 5 students who are doing the GCE A-Level syllabus may opt to offer their NRP project as an H3 Science Research project. 

Only projects that fall under the Engineering and Sciences categories can be offered as H3 Science Research. Projects that can be offered as H3 Science Research are clearly denoted in the Project Synopses.

Please refer to Offering NRP as H3 Science Research for more details.

Comparisons between the H3 Science Research, NRP, and NRPjr.

Students are allowed to indicate only one project choice in their application form. They should do their research on the project topic that piques their interest before making their choice and submitting their application.

Students are required to provide a write-up articulating their reasons for wanting to work on the chosen project and why they are best suited to work on that project.

Points that should include in the essay, but are not limited to:

  • Why have I opted to work on this NRP project?
  • Why should I be selected to work on this project?
  • What can I bring to the project?
  • What sets me apart from the others opting to work on this project?
  • What do I hope to achieve from working on this project?

After the NRP Supervisors have gone through all the applications for their project(s), they may contact the students they have shortlisted for an interview. The NRP Supervisors will make the final decision and select the student(s) that they want to work with.

All students who applied for the NRP will receive the application outcome through email. Any appeals will not be considered.

Students who are selected by the NRP Supervisors to embark on the research journey are required to indicate their acceptance of the offer by completing an e-Acceptance Form by the stipulated deadline indicated in the email. Upon accepting the offer, students need to complete and submit the NRP Acceptance Package to their NRP Teacher Coordinator.

Students who are unsuccessful in their application may be contacted by mid-April should a place in the project they applied for become available.

1)  When will the application for NRP open? 

The application for NRP will open in early February each year. Application details will be released through your school’s NRP Teacher Coordinator.

2) Who is eligible to apply for the NRP?

Application is open to JC1 and Year 5 students. Do check with your NRP Teacher Coordinator if you meet your school's criteria to embark on the NRP journey.

3) Can I find my own partner and apply to work on an NRP project together?

No, students can only apply as an individual for NRP projects. The NRP Supervisor will decide on the pairing if he/she is offering his/her project as a pair work project. Therefore, the pair of students working on a project could be from the same school or different schools.

4)  What are the criteria for selection?

  • School's recommendation. Only students who have received their school's endorsement and recommendation will be considered for selection.
  • NRP Supervisor of the project that a student applied for will make the final decision. The NRP Supervisor may be selecting the student(s) that he/she wants to work with based on the subjects that a student is taking, his/her academic performance, personal traits and qualities demonstrated through the submitted essay, etc. NRP Supervisor may contact the students he/she has shortlisted for an interview prior to making the selection decision.

5) Can I appeal if my application for NRP is unsuccessful?

The respective NRP Supervisors would have gone through all applications for their project(s) thoroughly and made careful considerations before deciding to offer or reject any students. Any appeals will not be considered as the decision made by the NRP Supervisors is final. NRP Supervisors are also not obliged to provide any reason for unsuccessful applicants.

6)  Will I have to pay a fee for my participation in the NRP?

No, you do not need to pay any fee.

7)  What are the start and end dates for NRP?

NRP commences in April each year. You will be required to submit a Progress Report in September and a Research Paper in January of the following year. The NRP culminates in an Oral Presentation Assessment in late February/early March.

8)  When will the results for NRP be released?

The result for NRP will be released through your NRP Teacher Coordinator by July. An NRP certificate indicating the award attained, i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Participation, will be issued through your NRP Teacher Coordinator as well.

9)  Will I get any exemptions should I subsequently apply and matriculate into an NTU undergraduate course?

No, there will not be any exemptions. 

10)  Who should I contact should I require more information?

Your first point of contact should always be your NRP Teacher Coordinator. Alternatively, you may email us at [email protected].