Applying for NRP/NRPjr

The application for the NRP and NRPjr 2022 has closed. The application for the NRP and NRPjr 2023 will open in early February 2023.

Do watch the video and look through the relevant information below to understand more about the NRP and NRPjr


Watch Before Applying for the NRP/NRPjr




Canvassing for that ONE Project

All NRP/NRPjr applicants will be allowed to indicate only one project choice in your application form. 

Research into the project topic that piques your interest before making your choice and submitting your application. You will have to provide a write-up articulating your reason(s) for wanting to work on the chosen project and why you feel you are best-suited to work on the project you are applying for.

Points you should include in your essay, but are not limited to:

  • Why have you opted to work on this NRP/NRPjr project?
  • Why should you be selected to work on this project?
  • What can you bring to the project?
  • What sets you apart from the others opting to work on this project?
  • What do you hope to achieve from working on this project?

The essay that you have written will be made available to the Supervisor of the NRP/NRPjr project that you have applied for.

The NRP/NRPjr Supervisor will make the final decision and select the student(s) that he/she would want to work with.


Applying for the NRP/NRPjr (Application Closed)


Application PeriodMonday, 7 February 2022 - Sunday, 27 February 2022 (2359h)
Timeline & Information Sheet
Click here for the NRP/NRPjr Timeline & Information Sheet
Eligibility JCs: JC1
IP Schools: Year 5
Sec Schools: Sec 3
IP Schools: Year 3 / Year 4 
Project Synopses
Click here for a write-up of the NRP projects on offerClick here for a write-up of the NRPjr projects on offer
Submission of Application
1)  ​You must first register for an account on the NRP Portal. 
2)  An email notification will be sent to you upon successful registration. The email will bear your login details.
3)  Login to the NRP Portal to access the NRP Application Form.
Your partner and you must submit the NRPjr Application Form separately.
To Apply


All applications for the NRP/NRPjr must be recommended/endorsed by the respective school's NRP/NRPjr Teacher Coordinator(s).

Do speak with your school's NRP/NRPjr Teacher Coordinator(s) should you have any queries. The list of NRP/NRPjr Teacher Coordinators can be found here.

Should you require further assistance, you may email us at Please remember to copy your NRP/NRPjr Teacher Coordinator(s) in all emails you send to us.