Master of Arts in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices

Master (Coursework)

Programme Type

Full-time, Part-time

This MA in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia It is designed to prepare graduates for professional positions in the highly complex and diverse museum landscape in the region addressing the ever-expanding field of Contemporary Curating.


 This requires specific knowledge, experience, and creativity. Thus, this programme places great emphasis on addressing theoretical and practical challenges working with art historians, experienced curators, and experts with local, regional, and international expertise on historical and contemporary art. Singapore’s excellent museum infrastructure and its geographical location allows direct contact with art works and artists, archives and artefacts.Crafted following international best practices this one year course based MA program is designed with a three track structure. This allows students, after a common core education, to specialise in Museum Studies or Curatorial Practices or opt to pursue a blending of the two disciplines. To finalise their MA program students can opt for a Master Thesis-track or a 10-week professional internship at museums or art institutions located in Singapore or overseas. The MA programme in Art, Design and Media is non-subsidised (self-financing) and is available on full-time and part-time basis.

  • A bachelor degree of at least Lower Second class or its equivalent from a recognized university;
  • For applicants whose mother tongue is not English, a good IELTS score of at least 7.0 is required. This requirement is waived if applicants have earned their Bachelor’s degree from a university where English is the medium of instruction.
  • No prior working experience is required.

The program is situated at the School of Art, Design and Media, an exciting and dynamic environment with a dedicated and highly respected faculty across this field. As a joined venture with NTU Centre for Contemporary Art – a national exhibition and research center located at Gillman Barracks - this new MA program offers a wide network of key stakeholders, institutions and artists in the region.


​Minimum Candidature
(Term of study)
​Maximum Candidature
(Term of study)​
​Full-Time​1 year​3 years
​Part-Time​​2 years​4 years

To graduate, students have to earn a total of 30 Academic Units (AUs). The course structure is as follows:​ 

  • 4 core courses;

  • 2 prescribed electives (divided into  two specializations, ie Museums Studies and Curatorial Practices);

  • 2 electives ; and
    Internship track: Completion of a 10-week professional attachment at art institutions based in Singapore or in the region. The student is required to submit a 5000-word report after the attachment
    Dissertation track: Completion of a 12, 000 – 15, 000 word research thesis on a subject approved by the School.

Curriculum (for full-time students)


Semester​​​FromTo​Courses to Complete​
​Semester 1
13 weeks
​August​November​2 Cores
1-2 prescribed electives 
1-2 electives
​Semester 2
13 weeks
​January​April​2 Cores 
1-2 prescribed electives 
1-2 electives
​Special Term
10 weeks​



  • AP6001 Introduction to Museum Studies​
  • AP6002 Introduction to Curatorial Practices
  • AP6003 Academic Skills, Research Methodologies, and Writing
  • AP6004 Histories of Arts in Southeast Asia




  • AP6101 Collections, Care, Management
  • AP6102 Exhibition Design in the Context of Museums
  • AP6105 Curatorship




  • AP6103 Exhibition Histories and Curatorial Narratives
  • AP6104 Art in Public Space and Critical Spatial Practice
  • AP6106 Spaces of the Curatorial



Note that only a selected number of Electives will be offered per academic year.

  • AP6201 Global Art Histories
  • AP6203 From Colonial to Post-Colonial Art: A Critical Survey
  • AP6204 Education and Outreach
  • AP6205 Curating Time-based Media
  • AP6206 Planning and Designing Exhibitions for Art Galleries and Public Spaces


(Students are to opt between either the Internship or Thesis Track)​

INTERNSHIP TRACK (Equivalent to 6 AUs)

The professional attachment offers students a 10-week professional training – similar to an internship - in one of the many and diverse Singaporean galleries, museums, research centres, with which ADM is collaborating (and overseas). The student is required to submit a 5000-word report based on a topic agreed upon with the mentor from the host institute.


The dissertation is a researched, clearly written, well-structured exploration of an agreed subject, prepared according to University Regulations and established academic conventions of referencing and presentation. It may be based on original primary source research or aim to re-interpret established facets of a given subject: all will utilise relevant material brought to bear on a clearly defined issue. A relevant supervisor will be appointed to navigate all students through the thesis.

For career prospects, generally graduates can fill positions in the arts, culture and heritage industries. Some examples include:

o       Museums, galleries and arts organisations, (curatorship, arts management, marketing, programming research and publications, exhibition and collection management, exhibition designers, museum educators, art administration, policy);

o       Private and public sector commissioning art such as the newly created Singapore Public Art Trust (NAC) (project management, outreach & education, conservation and maintenance);

o       International auction houses (acquisitions, authentication, pricing, publicity research and publications);

o       Art fairs and art festivals/ biennales (curatorship, project management, outreach and marketing, publications, exhibition management, exhibition designers, art administration, policy);

o       Academic research and teaching positions;

o       Government ministries (policy officers, corporate communications, diplomatic support, funding, event and project management);

o       Statutory Boards (management, funding, event and project management);

o       Publishing (writing, text and image editing, researching, copy writing);

o       Media broadcasters and content producers (journalists, writers, researchers, producers)

The MA MSCP Programme maintains strong connections with all the relevant art institutions and the museum Industry in Singapore.