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The School of Art Design and Media (ADM) at NTU, provides world-class education and conducts cutting-edge research in technologically-enabled art, design, and media practice. Consistently ranked among the top #40 Art and Design Schools globally and within the top #10 in Asia, ADM has achieved a remarkable #33 ranking worldwide in 2024, including being #1 in Singapore and #5 in Asia. We are a community of artists, thinkers, and practitioners, who seek to make meaningful and innovative impact as we engage with real-world challenges. Our graduates strive to be proactive and compassionate creative leaders breaking new ground in Asia and beyond.


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tobyato profile pic adidas
BFA Visual Communication, 2019

Toby Tan Xun Yi (tobyato)

I work as an illustrator and visual artist (under the monikertobyato) over many mediums – from sprawling murals to digital artworks and sneaker customs. I've been commissioned by the likes of Uniqlo, G-SHOCK, Adidas, Levi’s, and Asics, among others. I'm largely inspired by things o’en overlooked and has a strong inclination to include playful influences in my works that reflect my personality.

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