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With Singapore being a cosmopolitan nation with Asian sensibilities, the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) seeks to play a weighty role in transforming the island state into a global media city. Our inter-disciplinary courses are designed to mould creative individuals into outstanding artists, designers, animators, new media performers and even business leaders. In essence, we liberate imaginative minds to unleash breakthrough design as an integral part of life. 


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tobyato profile pic adidas
BFA Visual Communication, 2019

Toby Tan Xun Yi (tobyato)

I work as an illustrator and visual artist (under the moniker tobyato) over many mediums – from sprawling murals to digital artworks and sneaker customs. I've been commissioned by the likes of Uniqlo, G-SHOCK, Adidas, Levi’s, and Asics, among others. I'm largely inspired by things often overlooked and has a strong inclination to include playful influences in my works that reflect my personality.

BFA Interaction Media, 2013

Eugene Soh

Life is very short, make everyday count. Think for others before yourself and always be kind. Healthy competition among your peers is good and remember to celebrate the success of your schoolmates, no need to be jealous, because who you are really competing with is with the rest of the world.

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