Career Coaching involves joint-effort sessions between students and their school-designated Career Coach. It is an opportunity for students to clarify career options and identify career goals with the guidance of their Career Coach. These sessions are meant to address any career, resume or interview concerns that students may have. All coaching sessions will be done privately and​ all information discussed will be kept confidential.​​

Students will be guided to explore, plan, develop and achieve specified career goals. They may also request for a resume critique and a mock interview session in preparation for their upcoming interview session. With the equipped skills and knowledge, students will be able to chart their career path for the various career development stage. 

Students can join the Self-AssessWORKOUT small group coaching session to gain greater self-awareness and explore career options for a fulfilling and meaningful career.

    Self-Assessment Tools are useful in the student's journey towards self-realization and understanding. It aids one to better plan for their career and narrows down career options based on their unique needs and qualifications. In some cases, it could also help one to discover new areas of strengths and weaknesses.

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