Embark on Internship and Industry Experience

Work-Integrated Education (WIE) in NTU is aimed at enhancing student employability and career readiness. It does so in close partnership with industry leaders by incorporating and availing real-world work experiences into students' education journey. WIE is conducted through three programme categories - credit-bearing internship, Work-Study Degree Programme (WSDP) and NTU EDGE-plus. ​


The purpose of a credit-bearing internship is to enable the application of knowledge and skills which students have learned in the university in an authentic work environment. This is such that you can gain relevant exposures and develop practical industry experiences and skills that will facilitate your career decision and future transition into your selected vocation. It aims for students to develop professional competencies that will enhance employability and lifelong learning capabilities to support career and life endeavours and your readiness for the future of work. 

Internship is a learning process in which by exposing the students to real life working environments as part of an academic curriculum helps you to develop and enhance academic, personal and professional competencies. Due to the diversity of the training environments and backgrounds of organisation supervisors, a significant part of the internship programme is based on a self-directed learning approach by the students. 

Organisations participating in our internship programmes are required to provide a structured internship programme with emphasis on applications, management and hands-on experience for the students to: 

  1. apply knowledge learned 
  2. acquire practical skills 
  3. strengthen work values 
  4. gain interpersonal skills​

Work-Study Degree Programmes in NTU aim to enhance students' employability and readiness for full-time employment by offering multiple on-the-job training experiences throughout their course of study. They do so by providing opportunities for students to alternate between terms of studies and internship work. Students benefit from greater exposure to the professional work environment, allowing them to learn on the job, deepen technical skills, develop soft skills and cultivate an understanding of real-world practices.

This combination of classroom-based education and practical work experience also serves to strengthen the partnership between NTU and industry leaders to nurture and shape the next generation of professionals. Companies will be able to gain early access to talents in NTU and groom them over time through the various internships and projects. They benefit from such a talent pipeline through the steady supply and engagement of skills- and career-minded students.


For more information on SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree Programmes, please see: 

NTU EDGE-plus (NTU Equipping and Development via Guided Exposures) - is a work-integrated education (WIE) programme purposed to equip and develop NTU students with cutting-edge, industry-relevant competencies (i.e. attitude, skills, and knowledge). This is done through short-term authentic and live business projects sponsored by organisations in Singapore and from around the world.

EDGE-plus takes on largely open and fluid format to allow students to embark on these project-based activities while still studying their academic courses.

Sponsoring organisations contribute to help students, who work in teams, to develop industry-relevant skills in specific domains and work on projects off-site gaining a taste of managing tasks collaboratively without the constraints of a typical office environment.