Special Educational Needs (SEN) Fund

Students with mobility challenges, hearing loss, vision loss, learning and language challenges, and social behavioural challenges may apply for the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Fund to purchase assistive technology devices and support services to help in their learning.

Examples of Assistive Technology devices and support services include:
  • Alternative Keyboards
  • Braille Displays
  • Braille Printers / Embossers
  • Computer Pointing Devices
  • Reading Systems
  • Text-to-Speech Devices
  • Voice Recognition Technology
  • Word Prediction Systems
  • Note-Taking Services
  • Signing Interpretation Services

Eligibility for SEN Fund

To be eligible for the SEN Fund, students have to meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Singapore citizen;
  2. A full-time student in NTU, or has a confirmed place in NTU; and
  3. Has declared his/her disabilities and special educational needs to NTU, with a statement of diagnosis of physical, hearing or visual difficulties from relevant health professionals (including  audiologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists).


To apply for SEN Fund, please email us at [email protected].