Spark your passion for research with over 200 industry collaborators

Being immersed in research can spark a lifelong passion as in the case of Biological Sciences student Steph Song, who discovered her affinity for healthcare research, specifically in reproductive biology, at NTU.“I was born a premature baby and research into this area fascinates me as it helps me understand my own life story. I’ve worked on three research projects so far, on topics revolving around female physiology, hormones, cancer and urinary tract microbiology,” she says.

The CN Yang scholar, who wants to do her final-year project remotely with Harvard Medical School, clearly enjoys jumping headlong into research.

“Many times, a surprising result can be achieved with the smallest and – what we think is – the most insignificant thing. I take joy in discovering the unknown, and it’s rewarding to see your effort become part of a discovery that could potentially change the world,” she says.

Under the new Global Alliance of Industries @ NTU, undergrads will have even more opportunities to be part of research done with more than 200 industry collaborators that include those with laboratories at NTU, such as Rolls-Royce, Delta Electronics, Saab and Alibaba Group.

This story was published in the Jan-Mar 2021 issue of HEY!.