Published on 28 Jan 2021

Public prefers drone use in industrial zones than in residential areas

When it comes to drones, the Singapore public is not as keen for them to be used to provide services around their living spaces, finds a study by researchers at the NTU Singapore. However, they are more accepting of drones being used in areas like recreational spots or industrial areas.

There is growing global interest in the use of drones to provide a range of applications – from building inspection to last mile commercial delivery – that promise productivity gains and cost reductions.

In Singapore, the use of drones is picking up, with the government adopting them for various projects in the Smart Nation drive, where technology is used for direct and positive impact on people's lives.

Against this backdrop, an interdisciplinary research team led by Associate Professor Lim Beng Chong from the Nanyang Business School and Professor Low Kin Huat from the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering carried out a study to better understand public attitudes towards the technology. 

The study showed that while the Singapore public is ready for extensive drone application in the country, acceptance levels differed significantly depending on the context of use. The public is least welcoming towards drones when flown above residential estates but tend to be more embracing when they are used in industrial zones.

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