NETS Top-up Machines


NETS machines for topping up of cash card and CEPAS and EZ-link card are available at various locations on NTU campus. 

North Spine

Building/SchoolLocationCar park
Art, Design and MediaB1 Cargo Lift LobbyCar park 
Blk N3B4 Passenger Lift LobbyCar park E
Blk N2B5 Cargo Lift LobbyCar park D
Blk N4Level 2 End of Section CCar park F
North SpineCar park A exit Car park A
School of Biological SciencesB1 Passenger Lift 3Car park 

South Spine

School of Humanities and 
School of Social Sciences 
Level 1 AtriumCar park Q
School of Physical and
Mathematical Sciences
Level 2 Lift LobbyCar park 
Wee Kim Wee School of
Communication & Information
Level 1 Self Service CornerCar park P & S

Around Campus

NEC (Guest Wing) Faculty Housing Office
Carpark M
Nanyang HeightsBlk 33B Level 1Car park 
Nanyang Heights
North Hill HallsTanjong Hall
Lift Lobby
Car park
North Hill
Hall 12Blk 61 (Ground Floor)Car park               
Hall 12/13
Nanyang Crescent HallsCarpark entranceCar park
Nanyang Crescent