Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Singapore’s first integrated Smart Car Park and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System, GoParkinTM is now available on NTU’s main campus!

The new-generation GoParkin Smart Car Park System allows EV users to find available parking and EV charging points at NTU, charge their vehicle, monitor their charging status, and make payment easily through the GoParkin mobile app, eliminating the need for separate parking and EV charging apps.

The charging system features the innovative ‘Plug-n-Charge’ technology, which automatically starts charging once the charging plug is connected to a GoParkin registered electric vehicle. This eliminates the need for manual authorisation and verification typically required at other EV charging stations in Singapore. 

Look out for the EV Charging System available at the following car parks

  • Car park A - 2 units of AC11kW chargers
  • Car park B - 2 units of AC11kW chargers
  • Car park D - 2 units of AC11kW chargers
  • Car park Q - 1 unit of DC120kW charger with 2 charging plugs
  • SBS car park - 2 units of AC11kW chargers
  • Crescent Hall car park - 2 units of AC11kW chargers
  • North Hill car park - 2 units of AC7kW chargers


EV Charger Map_9 May 2023


Charges for EV Charging (Effective 1 Apr - 30 Jun 2024)*

 Car ParksCost
AC Charger (7kW or 11kW)A, B, D, SBS, North Hill, Crescent Hall$0.5972/kWh
DC Charger (120kW)Q$0.6517/kWh

* inclusive of 9% GST w.e.f. 1 Jan 2024


Simply download the GoParkin mobile app here, register your vehicle to get started! 


For any enquiries or feedback, please write to [email protected] or contact the car park hotline at 6592 3098.