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Assoc Prof Valerie Du Toit-Low, Deputy Associate Provost (Residential Education)
Dear RE@NTU family,

AY2016/2017 was a landmark academic year for Residential Education (RE), with four halls (Halls 8, 9, 10 & 11) within the Phase 1 cluster of old halls transitioning to the new RE model, first begun by Crescent and Pioneer Halls in 2014. We were joined by the new North Hill cluster of halls – Tanjong, Binjai and Banyan Halls. The Phase 1 halls also welcomed our first group of Residential Mentors to assist the Faculty-in-Residence with their counseling roles and to introduce RE initiatives to the residents. In August 2017, seven halls from Phase 2 transitioned to the RE model. As we welcome the final group of Phase 3 halls into the RE family in 2018, the RE-Admin team and I will continue to oversee the implementation of the NTU Residential Education plan in alignment with the university's mission and NTU 2020. RE is an integral part of NTU Education to enhance learning beyond the formal curriculum within the halls of residence.

Apart from proposing and implementing RE projects led by the FiR and RMs, the hall community will continue to build on its various strengths to bond the residents through activities that emphasise team-work and community above self. The NTU halls also have strong traditions in sports, cultural activities and community service. All this will greatly add to the sense of pride and achievement felt by residents.

I believe it is the larger community that moulds the individual, that enables him to express himself, that facilitates her achievements. This is all the more so in a hall community that encourages group activities, that requires mutual respect and tolerance as a hallmark of communal living. Residential education at its very best sees our students leaving the halls as culturally aware individuals who are considerate of those around them, with firm friendships that last beyond their university days. I hope that residents will treasure the years that they have in our halls and make the most of their time here. We should be proud to be members of the RE@NTU family.

Have a wonderful year ahead!


Warm regards,

Assoc Prof Valerie Du Toit-Low
Deputy Associate Provost (Residential Education)
Senior Faculty-in-Residence, Hall 10