Community Engagement

Children Camp conducted by USP students

Community engagement is an integral part of student life in NTU. The University empowers its students through providing exposure and opportunities to foster a culture of social-mindedness and volunteerism among its student body, so as to create a more caring society.

Under NTU Education 2025, Community Engagement constitutes one of the five main components of NTU Co-curriculum, which forms part of a holistic education for NTU students.

Student Community Engagement Framework 

The NTU Student Community Engagement (SCE) framework outlines the University’s goals and guiding principles in promoting the development of students to be responsible and community-engaged citizens, empowered to make sustainable and impactful contributions to our society.  It also provides a systematic and targeted approach in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes for deeper learning and impact.  


  • Nurture socially responsible graduates who are actively engaged in community building.
  • Empower students who are passionate about creating social impact.
  • Foster a community of caring and connected individuals who contribute positively to the society. 

Student Community Engagement FrameworkWe seek to achieve the three goals by building the 3’C’ of Care, Capability and Connection using the 3’I’ framework of Inspire, Inform and Innovate.

Through ‘Care’, we aim to cultivate a Caring Culture and Mindset among the student body .

Through ‘Capability’, we aim to enhance Capacity Building of our students.

Through ‘Connection’, we aim to leverage on Collaboration and Partnerships. 

In NTU, we believe that community engagement is a life-long journey.  Each‘I’ stage in the framework represents a significant part of the students’ learning journey as they connect their passion with purpose, leveraging on their talents to contribute to the social good. Curated programmes and initiatives, both local and overseas, many of which are student-led, are designed with specific learning objectives and desired outcomes to meet the needs of every student, regardless of which stage he or she is at.

Learning Objectives and Desired Outcomes for Student Community Engagement Programmes

The University provides a wide range of resources such as financial grants, leadership training programmes, theme-based workshops and mentorships to support projects, initiatives, events, social-sector based internships and social enterprises to meet the varied interests and passion of our students. We believe that creating a fun, sustainable and vibrant social ecosystem within the NTU environment goes a long way to heighten our students’ social awareness and encourage lifelong social action.

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