A Familiar Forest exhibition

NTU Museum and NTU Library proudly present 

A Familiar Forest and Hygge  

NTU Museum presents the exhibition, A Familiar Forest by environmental artist Zen Teh. Set in an urban construct, A Familiar Forest is an immersive art installation that replicates the ambience of an unspoilt forest. Taking inspiration from scientific research that has established a close correlation between human wellness and our proximity with nature, this multi-sensory installation with its interdisciplinary blend of art and science is a continued response to humanity's desire for restoration and reconciliation with the natural world. Through her art, which consists of 34 multi-layered images of Singapore's parks and nature reserves, ambient light, sounds and an aromatic scent, Zen reimagines the tranquillity of a forest at night and recreates a meditative journey off-site. The scientific research and healing scent component is by Dr Ching Jianhong, Assistant Professor and Director of the Metabolomics Research facility at Duke-NUS Medical School.  

Inspired by 'hygge' [hoo-gah], a Danish word meaning 'a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with a feeling of wellness and contentment, NTU Library creates and brings Hygge into the quiet zone of the Lee Wee Nam Library. A Familiar Forest, the inaugural exhibition, is in complement with the concept of Hygge and the connection of art, nature and humanity's mental well-being. 

Immerse in the quiet joy of reflection, contemplation and relaxation in A Familiar Forest at Hygge


Exhibition Period: 21 January 2021 – 20 January 2022 

Venue: Hygge*, Level 5, Lee Wee Nam Library 

 *Hygge is a no-shoes zone. Please remove your footwear before entering. 


Opening Hours (including weekends and PH during semester):  

Mon – Fri: 8.30 am to 9.15 pm  

Sat: 8.30 am to 4.45 pm  

Sun: Closed  

Opening Hours (including weekends and PH during vacation):  

Mon – Fri: 8.30 am to 6.45 pm  

Sat: 8.30 am to 4.45 pm  

Sun: Closed  

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Join environmental artist Zen Teh and scientific consultant Dr Ching on 28 January 2021 to learn about the art and science behind A Familiar Forest.  

Intersections: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue - the art and science behind "A Familiar Forest  

Date:  28 January 2021, Thursday  

Time:  3.00 pm  

Venue:  'The Trantor', Level 2, Lee Wee Nam Library,  

Nanyang Technological University  

50 Nanyang Avenue, North Spine 3, Singapore 639798 and via Zoom.  

The museum has six 360-degree Virtual Reality exhibitions. Visit these exhibitions from the comfort of your home, on your mobile phone, iPad or laptop any time.

Confluences: Intertwining Art & Science

​​Once deemed diametrically opposed, art is now increasing conjoined with science as many artists are drawing references from scie​ntific ideas and applying them to their artistic practices. At the same time, scientists are also drawing inspirations from their research to create different forms of art such as paintings, photography, video works and modern installations. The synthesis between art, science and other disciplines is a growing momentum which saw the emergence of a new art movement today. Confluences​: Intertwining Art and Science presents some compositions of this inter-disciplinary interest.

This exhibition features the works by a group of seven artists and scientists, who explored different ways of interpreting science, which is then translated and presented in their art. Scientific topics such as the quantum theory, theory of relativity, blood-clotting mechanism and close- up study of raw mass spectra are intricately embedded in these works. Some draw upon a closer reference to art movements, such as Abstract Expressionism, in their creative processes. The pursuit of art and Confluences also seeks to further explore the identities and roles of 'scientist-artist' and 'artist-scientist', and the similarities and differences in the creative processes as an artist or as a scientist. More importantly, it looks at how their approaches, as well as interpretations of his or her creative processes, influence the ways of seeing and (re)defining the notion of visual art aesthetics.

Curated by NTU Museum and presented in collaboration with NTU Libraries, Confluences is featured at a purpose built virtual gallery, where more than 50 artworks are exhibited.