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NTU Art & Heritage Museum (also known as “NTU Museum”) promotes a keen awareness and strong interest in art and heritage on campus. Being part of the University, the Museum is advantaged to work with different schools and experts from multi-disciplines and collaborates with the artist com­munity to initiate interdisciplin­ary research, exhibitions, and programmes. Selected exhibitions are accessible online.

Established in 2008 and listed un­der the National Heritage Board's Approved Museum Scheme, the Museum has a modest contempo­rary and Southeast Asia art collec­tion. Through a robust art display programme, the art collection is made accessible to everyone on campus. More than 200 artworks from the collection of the Museum are on display. Exhibitions and programmes are mostly organised in public spaces. This approach enables the Museum to reach out to over 30,000 people on campus. The Museum plays an active role in education by collaborating with faculty and involving students in art initiatives. The impact of such partnerships is far reaching as it started a unique public art collection powered by renewable energy for the University. The Museum also curates a Campus Art Trail that extends from the main campus, to the NIE campus and NTU’s Novena campus. A first of its kind on Singapore campus, the art trail was officially launched by NTU President Subra Suresh in 2018.


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ART-ACT Festival Singapore 12- 15 Jan 2023


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NTU Museum strives to foster a strong appreciation of art and heritage as an integral part of a well-rounded education and to inspire the highest achievement in artistic and creative expression amongst staff and students

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