How to apply

Undergraduate Freshmen Hall Application for Academic Year 2023-24


Eligibility & Key Dates*


All full-time NTU undergraduates (new students), and freshmen from these NIE programmes:

  • Sports Science & Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Major 1 and Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Major 1 and Education

Full-time July 2023 intake
of Student-Teachers in:

  • Diploma in Education
  • Diploma in School Counselling
  • Diploma in Special Education (Special Educational Needs Officers)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  • Direct Entry to Year 2 Bachelor of Arts in Major 1 and Education
  • Direct Entry to Year 2 Bachelor of Science in Major 1 and Education
Application period

From 1 June 2023, 0900hrs
To 23 June 2023, 1700hrs

Application Closed


From 5 June 2023, 0900hrs
To 19 June 2023, 1700hrs

Application Closed


Release of OutcomeFrom 17 July 2023 (via email)
Hall Acceptance Fee PaymentAmount is equivalent to two times of the monthly rental rate.
Payable upon acceptance of the offer for hall accommodation, from 17 to 21 July 2023.
* Unless otherwise stated, date and time are in Singapore time zone (SGT) and fees are in Singapore dollars (SGD).

Important Notes:

  • Applications are not processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Late applications will not be accepted. Please note that there is a non-refundable Hall Application Fee of $16.20 (inclusive of prevailing GST). Please look out for the email notification sent on 27 June 2023. Closing date for payment of Hall Application Fee is 3 July 2023, 1745hrs.
  • Applicants are required to accept NTU's offer of course admission before applying for hall accommodation.
  • Applicants may indicate a preferred room type when applying for hall stay, and the assignment of hall and room type is subject to availability.
  • For twin-sharing room applicants: You may specify a preferred roommate of the same gender. If your preferred roommate is a freshmen, both of you must submit individual applications, and clearly indicate each other as corresponding preferred roommates. If your preferred roommate is a senior student who has already been offered a hall, the senior must have also indicated you as the preferred roommate in their application.


Application Process & Procedure

1     I have submitted my hall application. Can I still make changes to my application?
Students are allowed to make changes to their hall application before the given deadline, and the latest changes will apply. No more changes can be made once the application period has ended.

2     How is my application being processed?
The allocation of residential hall and room is done electronically, subject to room availability and the Hall Admission Scheme. Applications are not processed on a first-come, first-served basis.


Application Results

1     When will I be informed of the hall and room allocation result?
Applicants will be progressively notified from 17 July 2023 onwards.


Double Room Applications

1     I am a student in a Premier Scholars Programmes. Can I apply to stay with another freshman who is not in these programmes?
Students who are in Premier Scholars Programmes (except Renaissance Engineering Programme) can apply to stay with another freshman who is not in any of these programmes. Requests to room together are subject to availability of double rooms. If double rooms are not available, both of you will be assigned to another room type.

Students in the Renaissance Engineering Programme can only apply to stay in a double room, and to promote social connection, their intended roommate cannot be from the REP programme.


Special Needs Students

1     I am a student with a disability/special needs, and I have certain requirements for my room. How do I inform the Hall of my requirements?
As each special needs student’s requirements may differ, please inform the Accessible Education Unit ([email protected]) first. The Accessible Education Unit will then liaise with the Office of Campus Housing accordingly.


Hall & Room Selection

1     Can I choose my hall and room?
No, the allocation of the residential hall and room is done by electronic balloting. Subject to room availability, the balloting takes into consideration your room type preference in your application. If the requested room type is not available, you will be assigned to another room type.

2     Can I choose specifically to be allocated to Halls with air-conditioned rooms?
No, the allocation of the residential hall and room is done by electronic balloting. The system will assign applicants to undergraduate halls with available rooms.


MRT Construction

1     Are any hall blocks affected by the MRT construction on campus?
Certain hall blocks located along Nanyang Avenue, including Hall 8 (Blk 41 and 44), Hall 9 (Blk 48), Hall 10 (Blk 49), Hall 11 (Blk 53 and 56), and Binjai Hall (Blk 19A), may be affected by the Jurong Region Line MRT construction works. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has implemented measures to minimise inconvenience to residents, such as erecting temporary sound barriers and informing residents in advance of the works that are being carried out. Students who plan to apply for a hall place in this vicinity are advised to refer to the MRT Construction on Campus website for details and updates, before submitting their hall application.


Financial Matters

1     Why are hall fees reviewed periodically?
Hall rental fees are carefully managed to maintain the affordability and quality of campus housing for students. Fees are periodically reviewed to ensure that they reflect inflation and the costs of operating and maintaining the halls. Hall fee increases were withheld during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Since then, utilities and operational costs, especially cleaning and security services, have continued to increase significantly, in particular due to the adoption of the progressive wage model in Singapore. To help manage costs, NTU has implemented measures such as transition to energy-efficient LED lighting, which also provide a more sustainable living environment.

2     Are there financial assistance schemes available?
Financial support is available to eligible students who need help with their living costs. Please refer to the various financial assistance schemes for more information.

For enquiries regarding hall application, please contact us at: [email protected].


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