Teaching & Learning Strategies Team

NTU's Teaching and Learning Strategies Team
Dr Preman Rajalingam
☏ 6790 6499 
✉ prajalingam@ntu.edu.sg

After receiving his PhD is in Education Psychology from Monash University, Australia in 2011, Preman joined NTU a year later as one of the pioneer staff members at LKCMedicine where he took on various faculty and management positions culminating in the role of Assistant Dean of Educational Development. As Assistant Dean, he was responsible for faculty development, digital learning, and consulting on curriculum development in medical education. He was instrumental in the use of Team-based Learning (TBL) at the medical school.  As an expert in the use of active-collaborative learning approaches, he regularly conducts local and international workshops as a sought-after educator. His current research interests include the science of learning underpinning active-collaborative approaches and the evolving roles of teachers in higher education. In his spare time he reads science fiction and plays board games.

Mellissa Tawin

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✉ mctawin@ntu.edu.sg

Mellissa leads the Teaching and Learning Strategies team in managing the overall administrative operations and outreach initiatives of CTLP. The team organises and promotes events, such as the Nanyang Education Award (University), NTU Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, seminars, webinars and Distinguished Speakers’ Series. The team also manages NTU’s Faculty Development on Workday, an intranet site that provides faculty development workshops, programmes, and other resources. Mellissa holds a Master in Education Management (MEd Leadership).

Yeong Jin-Yuan (JY)

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✉ yeongjy@ntu.edu.sg

Having received his Master of Arts in Education Management at NIE, JY is experienced in developing educational resources and exploring new narratives in higher education practices. At CTLP, he manages the division’s learning and teaching programmes, and is involved in planning the NTU Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, workshops, and seminars. In addition, he oversees the administration of financial matters at CTLP, and is keen to collaborate in learning and teaching endeavours across departments and institutions.


☏ 6592 3738 
✉ tharshini@ntu.edu.sg

Tharshini graduated with honours from the University of London with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. She is responsible for providing administrative and operational support to all teaching and learning events, courses and programmes undertaken by CTLP. Tharshini hopes to bring her enthusiasm and diverse skills set to support the growth of the division.

Leong-Ong Gek Heok (June)

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✉ GHLeong@ntu.edu.sg

CTLP has become a second home to June, as part of her 30 years of work experience at NTU. She is CTLP’s first line of communication with the University. June’s administrative work includes all activities undertaken by CTLP. She plans and manages the administration and logistics of events, courses and programmes run by CTLP, and is responsible for the administration of the budget on a day-to-day basis. She enjoys gardening and bowling in her free time.