Find a job through Career Fairs

Prospective employers across various industries are often invited by NTU to participate in mass recruitment events. These events could just be the stepping stone for you to land your dream job!

You can start by attending ​mass recruitment events as a freshman to explore your career options with different companies and industries. Seize every opportunity to attend mass recruitment events if you are a penultimate year or final year student!


NTU Career & Attachment Office will announce closer to date on whether the respective events would be held physical, virtual or hybrid.

Career Fair - February

Career Fair is the largest annual ​recruitment event organised by NTU Career & Attachment Office. Students of all years and disciplines are welcome to join us for this event as we bring ​in employers across the various industries offering full-time, internship and even scholarship opportunities. Do not miss this chance for you to understand the current job market better and gain valuable insights as you network with participating employers!

Career Fair

GradRecruit - May


G​radRecruit is a 2-in-1 event, comprising of networking sessions and interviews. Typically the last recruitment event of the academic year, graduating students get a final chance at GradRecruit to reach out to participating employers offering immediate full-time opportunities. Come prepared to be interviewed on the same day, and even a possibility to land yourself a job offer on the spot!


Job-in Fair - August/September

A combination of jobs and internship fair, Job-in Fair is held annually in late August to early September. It is a great chance for students who wish to secure internships for the academic year and also the perfect opportunity for final year students to secure a job before graduation.

Job-in Fair

MAP Awareness Event - October

MAP Awareness Event

Students who demonstrate the right aptitude and attitude can look forward to this event for opportunities to embark on the track to top leadership roles. This would be the perfect platform for you to showcase your strengths and skills to the employers offering Management Associate Programmes (MAP).