Complete MLCPS Career Module 


The Margaret Lien Centre for Professional Success (MLCPS) aims to have each NTU student complete their educational journey with a set of moral values and personal skills that would set them apart when they join the workforce and community as contributing citizens of the world. The compulsory core career module offered by MLCPS prepares you to face the working world with confidence.


In today’s competitive and rapidly evolving world, students must equip themselves with critical career skills and a deep sense of workplace values and ethics and possess an innovative and enterprising ethos whether they are joining an established enterprise or starting a new enterprise. This course is a compulsory foundation module for all NTU students on essential career preparation and innovative enterprising skills, flipped classroom pedagogy and blended learning, and it should be completed by students before they start their internship. This course equips students with practical skills needed in their career preparation and development (including for internship and graduation job search) to help students succeed in a new disruptive workplace. Students will learn the fundamental techniques and concepts of Business Model Innovation, and apply them in teams to find innovative and viable solutions to real-life problems posed by partnering enterprises. In the process of working in teams, students will further hone their teamwork skills. 

 By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  1. Describe the implications and impact of Future of Work on their personal and professional development
  2. Demonstrate the professional skills required and the importance of entrepreneurship in 21st-century economics
  3. Explain the innovative enterprising mindset
  4. Identify career values, occupational interests, personality and motivated skills (VIPS) and learn the 4-stage career development plan in deciding their career paths (‘SODA’)
  5. Demonstrate the fundamental skills to kickstart their Career Development
  6. Describe the competitive advantages and entrepreneurial ecosystem for startups in Singapore
  7. Develop the fundamental skills to identify and develop an innovative and enterprising idea/solution into a plan of action
  8. Identify networking dos and don’ts to navigate networking opportunities
  9. Prepare a short presentation on an innovative and enterprising idea/solution to address an opportunity or problem
  10. Identify ethical and workplace-related issues
  11. Develop problem-solving skills through collaborative learning via group projects with students from different Schools/Colleges to complete a common goal
  1. Future of Work & Developing an Innovative and Enterprising Mindset
  2. Charting Your Career Path
  3. Fundamental Skills to Start a New Enterprise
  4. Fundamental Skills for Career Development
  5. Building Networking Skills for Career & Enterprise
  6. Handling Ethical & Workplace Issues Professionally

In-Class Assignments
VMock-critiqued Resume Submission15%
Group Project
1. Individual Elevator Pitch (40%)
2. Group Report and Peer Assessment (60%)
1. Individual Elevator Pitch (30%)
2. Group Problem - Solving Analysis (10%)
3. Group Report - PPT Slides (60%)

ML0004 is a letter-grade course.

For the exceptional 22S2, the lunar new year falls in Week 3, and the first virtual session is scheduled on Friday (6 Jan 2023) at 6:30 p.m. of Week 0.

There are 3 face-to-face tutorials, each scheduled according to your tutorial class.
Tutorial 1 – Week 1 and 2
Tutorial 2 – Week 4 and 5
Tutorial 3 – Week 8 and 9

Project Consultation sessions
Week 6,7, 8, 9 and 10

Virtual Company Q&A session
Week 4

Virtual Speaker Series
Week 7

This course is a foundation module on essential career preparation skills and a compulsory GER-CORE module worth 1 Academic Unit (AU). This course equips you with practical skills needed in your personal development and job search to help you succeed in a new disruptive workplace. This course is open to all Year ​2 students. 
  1. Future of Work
  2. Career Development & Job Search Strategies
  3. Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  4. Networking Skills
  5. Interview Skills
  6. Navigate the Workplace & Professional Ethics


  1. MCQ Assessments
  2. Skills Profiling Assessment
  3. VMock-critiqued Resume Submission



To pass ML0003, students must complete all MCQ Assessments and requirements, and achieve at least 80% of the total marks by the module's closing deadline.

Students who fail to meet the requirements would be deemed to have failed and a 'Fail' grade will be reflected in the Semester's Transcript. Students will need to re-take the module.