Acquire Global Work Exposure

Overseas internships offer opportunities for students to widen your perspectives of the working world. It enhances your employability and career mobility worldwide upon graduation and prepares you to compete locally and internationally​. 

NTU collaborates with industry and/or university partners in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, the USA, etc., to offer you the unique learning experience of gaining real life overseas working experience under professional guidance as part of your undergraduate programmes. Internship placements range from globally recognised MNCs, Singapore enterprises abroad, well established foreign corporations, to innovative start-ups and research labs all over the world. Undergraduates who aspire to gain overseas exposure through internship and other work related activities.

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CAO actively source for suitable internship placement  with existing and new corporate partners globally. These overseas internship opportunities are publicised periodically to our student population via e-newsletters and emails.
The CAO Work and Study China programme differentiates itself by offering a more holistic experience in China. It offers opportunities for a full semester credit bearing internship in major cities. Apart from internship, the programme also comprise of a study component that covers topics such as culture, economics, history, etc. The study component not only prepare students for their internship but also develop their cultural intelligence. 
The CAO Research Internship offers opportunities for students to fulfil their credit bearing internship by working on research projects with our partnering universities abroad. Unlike corporate internship, students will be supervised by a faculty staff and will be working on his/her project in our partner's campus.
Apart from full time overseas internship arrangement, we believe that student can benefit from shorter termed exposure to regional markets, particular ASEAN, China and India. The activities of such exposures ranges from company visits, business case competitions, cultural exchanges, networking events, remote internship etc.
CAO collaborates with foreign associations, NGOs, government agencies, institutions, internship agencies etc to offer more internship opportunities for our students. These arrangements are usually targeted towards a particular country, city, industry or specializations.
These are opportunities that student source on their own, and not through opportunities offered by CAO or schools. 
Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) aims to nurture future start-up founders and corporate innovators by immersing students in a start-up environment, working closely with the start-up founders to make a significant contribution to the business.