To continue its climb as a great global university based in Singapore, NTU must be a community that is open and welcoming to all individuals and one that provides its members a safe environment and equal opportunities for learning and working. 


Three goals are set for this core pillar:

Community wellbeing

We will strengthen our efforts to build a community that strives to ensure the wellbeing and quality of life and work for all its members.


As a highly diverse and cosmopolitan community, NTU is committed to treating all its members with respect, fairness and equal opportunity.


We will nurture a strong OneNTU spirit grounded in a set of core values shared by our community.

OneNTU culture
This initiative will engage widely within the NTU community to develop and nurture the OneNTU spirit.

  • Nurture shared values 
  • Engage key stakeholders including alumni 
  • Undertake longitudinal surveys to gauge and improve employee and student engagement
This initiative focuses on the engagement of the University’s alumni, partners, industry collaborators, foundations and other stakeholders to strengthen the efforts of university advancement.

Responding to the needs and challenges of healthy living and ageing

How will the needs of a rapidly ageing society evolve and be addressed? 

Disciplines that will address healthy living and ageing at NTU include healthcare, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, business, and health sciences.