Programme details

India Connect Research Fellowship application is only open to students from ten partner Indian Universities/Institutes noted for their research intensity. If your university is a nominating partner for India Connect Research Fellowship, NTU will contact your university directly inviting nominations. Your university will advise you on the details for nomination. If you have been nominated, your Home University will provide you the Application Link.

Note: Please be informed that your application will only be considered for the India Connect Fellowship Programme if you have been nominated by your home university. Individual applications are not considered. 

 ​January Intake
(Spring Intake)
​May Intake
(Summer Intake)
August Intake
(Fall Intake)
​Duration​5 months
2.5 months
​​5 months
​Visiting Research Programme Period*4 January 2024 – 4 June 2024 
​10 May 2023 – 23 July 2023 2 August 2023 – 31 December 2023
Application Period



 * Please note that the start and end dates for the programme period are fixed and must be followed strictly.

Admissions requirements

  • Only students nominated by our partner universities will be considered.
  • Open to Bachelor's / Master's/ PhD students who meet the eligibility criteria in the table below.
  • Students must be enrolled in their home university pursuing their studies throughout the entire duration of this Programme.


    Qualification​DurationEligible period ​


    (e.g. B Tech / M.Sc. / MD / B.Sc./ BA / MBBS) 

    ​3- 5 yearsMust have completed at least 5 semesters of undergraduate degree


    (e.g. ​M Tech / M.Sc. / MD / MS / DNB / MA / MBA) 

    ​1-2 years Must have completed at least 2 semesters of Postgraduate degree

    Integrated Master [Dual Degree]

    (e.g. M Tech+ B Tech / M.Sc. + B.Sc. / M.Sc. / MD​)

    5 years
    Must have completed at least 7 semesters of a 10-semesters programme
    ​PhD3- 5 years​Must have completed at least 1 year of PhD candidature



      Students are required to pay a Registration Fee of S$151 and 1 semester's Miscellaneous fee during their Visiting Research Programme at NTU. 

      Note: The miscellaneous fees are different for undergraduates and graduates. 

      For further information please click here for undergraduates and/or here for graduates

      ​Lab based programme​*Non-lab-based programme​LKCMedicine students only
      ​Bachelors (Undergraduates)​S$227.04S$209.73


      Miscellaneous Fees
      ​Masters & PhD (Graduates)​S$250.72

      * Miscellaneous fees are chargeable per semester. The above rate is applicable for AY22/23. 

      All full-time international students must hold a valid Student's Pass (STP) issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore for their stay at NTU. The STP requires a non-refundable processing fee of S$30 and an issuance fee of S$60 and a multi-journey fee (if applicable) of S$30.

      For more information on STP fees, please refer to points 3 and 6  here.

      Certification & Exiting the Programme

      • Students who complete the programme to the satisfaction of their supervisor shall be issued a certificate.
      • If student prematurely terminates or fails to complete the programme for any reason whatsoever no certificate will be issued.
      • Issuing of the certificate is subject to meeting all the criteria set by the university including but not limited to good progress on research, meeting the objective of the project, submitting all progress reports, etc.